Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Twilight Christmas in the City

How would you like to spend some time this Christmas Season in TWILIGHT STYLE!?!?! I know I would!!!  Check out this AWESOME Twilight Cast packed event being held in December called 

I would absolutely LOVE to go but since I work for Hallmark there is no way that I can get time off during December. As you can imagine it's a super busy time of year of me. However if I didn't work for Hallmark I would be jumping at the chance to go. It sounds awesome! Tons of fun planned, you get to meet the stars and hang out & go twi-crazy with other Twilighters!!

Twilight Christmas in the City is a 12 hour event being held on Saturday, December 15, 2012 in Nothern Kentuckty close to the Greater Cincinnati International Airport at the Holiday Inn. 

Twilight Saga Cast members in attendance are:

Boo Boo Stewart (Seth)

Chaske Spencer (Sam)

Alex Meraz (Paul)

Kiowa Gordon (Embry)

and Daniel Cudmore (Felix).

Performances by Boo Boo and his sister, Fivel Stewart.

Hannah & Hilly from The Hillywood Show

Hosted by Josh Goff, The Real Edward Cullen
(An Edward look a like)

The event starts at 12pm and is kid friendly until 5pm so feel free to bring your little ones! Below are the ticket prices:

Adult Tickets $150
Kids Tickets $25

Each ticket includes a catered lunch and dinner, Twilight games, Twilight prizes, Celebrity Q & A, Autographs and Pictures taken with each much MUCH MORE!!!

In order to reserve your place at this awesome event they do ask for a $100 deposit per person by September 7, 2012.

There are a ton more exciting details about this great event so be sure to check out the Twilight Christmas in the City group on Facebook where you can download the information packet!

Also be sure to check back here for a special drawing! Karen Cottengim-Fugate who is one of the organizers of the Twilight Christmas in the City event and fan of Twilighters Dream is knitting a pair of Bella Mitten's to be given away on my blog. More details on the drawing coming soon. Thanks Karen!

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  1. I'm a journalist in the midwest and I called to confirm. Nobody has been confirmed to appear, it is not run by Creation entertainment or Summit/Lionsgate. The information is sketchy at best and with nobody confirmed, it seems odd and fishy that they would be requiring a deposit now. I was told the information was supposed to be secret. who knows what to believe.

    1. This event is not put on by Summit/Lionsgate and it is not part of the Official Twilight Conventions by Creation Entertainment which is probably why you were not able to confirm anything. As for being told this information was secret?? I am not sure what that means.

      "Twilight Christmas in the City" is TWILIGHT FAN run, funded and organized event. I have been in contact with those who are hosting the event. It is for fans by fans.

      Last month another successful fan event was put on in Gatlinburg, TN. I know the Twilight Ladies that hosted that event and Boo Boo Stewart, Kiowa Gordon and Bronson Pelletier were all in attendance.

      Some of the ladies who attended that event in TN are the ones involved in organizing and hosting Twilight Christmas in the City. They met both Kiowa and Boo Boo so I am sure that is how the connection was made and they were invited and accepted to attend this event along with the others in Kentucky this December.

  2. I am so excited about this event. I am attending with my daughter and two friends. I know this event is going on and can't wait. I hate to hear that someone would post a negative about this event. This should be a happy time for all of us Twilight fans...

    1. Yay!! That is awesome! I wish I could go myself. You ladies will have any amazing time! :)

  3. Anonymous journalist,
    We are very excited about this event and would appreciate it if you would keep your negative comments to yourself. This party is going to be a positive experience for families from all over the country. We have NEVER affiliated ourselves with Summitt/Lionsgate or Creation Entertainment. We are a fanbased organization and our hearts are in the right place. We have signed contracts with the celebrities and they have signed them as well. WE know what is taking place on 12-15-12. We require a deposit because the actors require contracts and deposits as well. Anyone that has ever hosted an event like this would know that as the actors will not trust collecting money at the door that day. Anyone that joins our group has detailed info regarding the event and can call the venue to verify. The only thing fishy going on is your anonymous comment which lacks All credibility anonymouse journalist. Our heart is in the right place and this event is going to be a positive experience to so may families. Please have enough respect for us and yourself to keep your negativity to yourself!

    1. Very nicely said Karen. I just posted a reply myself to the anonymous comment. I wish I was able to come to your event. It is sure to be a blast. You must take a ton of pictures and share them with us. :) GOOD LUCK planning!! December will be here before we know it!

    2. You did a very "nice" reply to this fishy Im unable to attend.. but havent ever heard them say they were in anyway affiliated with Creation's .... as far a deposits.. it take money to put on such a event as this.. And what a wonderful Job these ladies r doing.. wish i could go..:( living thru you.... a Fan, Debbie Chenoweth

  4. Dear Anonymous journalist,

    It is very easy to post negitivity under an anonymous post on a random blog. How about you come out from behind the curtain and show yourself? I personally know the women running this event and you will not find a more dedicated, honest group of women with hearts as big as Texas. I also attended the event in Gatlinburg, TN and met Boo Boo, Bronson, and Kiowa. It was one of the best times I have ever had and met some of the most wonderful women who I am proud to call my friends after that weekend. Stacie and Karen have put thier hearts and souls into this event and it saddens me to think that someone wants to start drama over something they know nothing about.

  5. I would like to say that I am helping work on this event. I am working on getting prizes and games for the children. I have already bought the pinata for the kids. I would also like to say this this event will be fun. Someone will always have3 something to say that does not make it right. Stacie is giving a good deal and we are going to have a good time.

  6. First off I would like to agree with some of the previous posts about how easy it is to hide behind a computer screen and to peek out every now and then to see how much trouble they can stir up. The ladies that are planning this event are doing a great job and only have good intentions. As previously stated this is a by the fans for the fans event. It's a party for those of us who met in Gatlinburg can meet again to celebrate the holiday season and to meet others that share a common love. Like my grandmother used to say if you have nothing good to say say nothing at all!!

  7. When I came up with the idea of the TWILIGHT CHRISTMAS Party I was only doing for my dearest and closest friends their families and for my family. I went to the Twilight Convention in Gatlinburg, TN. and my friends and my family weren't able to go at the time. I got to meet Booboo Stewart, Kiowa Gordon and Bronson Pelletier and it was AWESOME. After I got back I thought to myself how amazing would it be to put a Twilight Event together. That is when I came up with this idea and plus my nephew, Cole will be 4 on December 22nd and he is going to be starting acting classes next year. This would be an amazing gift for him to meet actors and entertainers. I told Karen about my idea and she loved it. I started a group page. The 1st entertainer I hired right away was Josh Goff as Edward Cullen and then I contacted Booboo Stewart's Dad who is also his manager and invited the whole family to come everyone else fell into place after that. We are fans that love TWILIGHT as much as everyone else does. My BFF Karen and I have been working this EVENT day and night. The only thing that is odd and fishy is you ANONYMOUS. Karen and I not kept any secrets and the only secret here is your secret identity ANONYMOUS JOURNALIST if that is what you are. Soooo, you can just take that to the BANK!! This is a POSITIVE and EPIC event that is going to change lives. Please keep the NEGATIVE comments to yourself.

  8. I absolutely love LOVE when Twilight fans come together. I think that is one of the BEST things about our fanpire. No matter what Team we are from or what we agree on when someone says something etc we always draw strength from each other. We come together as this driving force and band together. No one will hurt our own.

    Trust me ladies when I say that I think the event that you are organizing is going to be EPIC!!! I just wish that I would be able to attend. I will absolutely promote and post pictures of your awesome event. I wish you luck and that you have an amazing time. I wasn't able to go to the Gatlinburg event but I know that you had an fangtastic time. I'm super jealous! Being with other Twilighters and going Twi-crazy is the best thing ever!!

    I will monitor all comments that appear here and will admin when necessary. This is my blog and I will post and support as I see freely.

    1. Thank you so kindly! I wish you would be able to come as I understand December is a busy time for Hallmark. Karen and I would like to eventually meet you in person someday.

  9. I Totally Support you Ladies!! I cannot wait to be part of this Amazing Event!! There are always people like that in this word full of Misery.. I truley Appreciate all the hard work you ladies have put into this Epic Event!!! :)

  10. Even in Twilight Fandom, There always got to be a few bad apple's....deb