Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Countdown to Forks

I am super excited to say that this
is FINALLY coming true. 

On September 8th, I will be flying to the Northwest for the first time for a one week adventure into the world of Twilight. I will be visiting Forks, La Push, St. Helens and all the surrounding places described in the books and filmed in the movies.

One of the best parts of my adventure is I will be meeting the awesome ladies from Our Twilight Corner, Twili-fye and Pure Twilight.

My adventure will begin when Lynn, Savanna, Olivia (Our Twilight Corner) and Anna (Twili-fye) pick me up at the airport in Portland, OR and we set off on the road to Forks. 

Once we arrive in Forks we will be exploring and participating in a lot of the fun activities that Forks has planned for Stephenie Meyers Day. We will be meeting up with Angie (Pure Twilight) at some of the events they have planned.

On Friday night there will be a Bella's Bridal Shower at Alice's Closet. Saturday there will be a costume and lookalike contest during the day and the St. Marcus Day Party in the evening at Leppell's Twilight Central. Yes, we will be wearing red capes! The fun continues on Sunday with a Twilight Scavenger Hunt.

Hannah and Hilly Hindi from The Hillywood Show will also be there for Stephenie Meyers Day and participating in the events. We hope to meet them and get pictures and autographs.

In between all the fun activities we will be exploring Forks and La Push. I'm really excited to take a walk on First Beach. Ohhh maybe we will run into some members of the Quileute tribe.

After an action packed weekend in Forks we have a two day adventure planned to St. Helens to see Bella's house and those places featured when Bella goes to Port Angeles with Jessica and Angela, Oxbow Park where the "Say it out loud" scene was filmed, The View Point Inn and a whole lot of other places.

I am super excited to go on this adventure with these ladies. I can't wait to meet them in person especially my Twi-BFF Lynn. :) This trip is gonna be EPIC!

Each day leading up to the trip I will be posting a countdown on my Twilighters Dream Facebook Page. I will be featuring some of my favorite comments that you left for Edward and Bella in their Wedding Guestbook.

Only two more weeks to go. . . let the Countdown to Forks begin.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Cullen Wedding Guestbook

Isabella Marie Swan & Edward Anthony Mason Cullen
were joined together for eternity
as they exchange marriage vows
on Saturday, August 13th.

Below are our wishes from Twilighters Dream
for the newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Cullen.

Lisa Hadley - Congratulations Edward and Bella!!!! Your love has inspires me that anything is possible if you believe in it. I wish nothing but the best for you both! You belong together....and FOREVER is only the beginning!

Lynn 'Fanpire' Vickers - Yay its the Wedding I have been waiting for, forever!!!!!! I am so attending!  It is not how much we do, but how much love we put in the doing. It is not how much we give, but how much love we put in the giving. --Mother Teresa --

Angie Blodgett - Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Cullen!! Edward and Bella, may your marriage last forever and an eternity! With love, Angie Blodgett

Cami Faith Brakhage - As long as you both shall live, what a wonderful sentiment!! Congratulations on the start of your forever!! ♥♥

Kala Paige Kronenberger - Congratulations Edward and Bellla! We've all been waiting for this day for a long time, and will be celebrating it even longer.! With love. ♥ Kala

Rebecca Anne Berl - Congratulation to Edward & the future Mrs. Edward Cullen. May your lives together be all that u hoped for and more.

Ria Singh - Although It Breaks My Heart To See Edward Getting Married...May You Both Have An Awesome Day..!Love You Both

Teri Kappes - Congratulations to you both. May you live a happy life forever ♥

Amber Bounds - Congratulations Edward and Bella! Hope your day is everything you have wished it to be!

Annie Valdez Chavez - in twilight it was the decision to love her, in new moon a vision of the future, in eclipse a promise to love her forever and in breaking dawn forever is only the beginning! may ur love for eachother continue forever congratulations!!!

Victoria Kennedy - Congrats Edward & Bella! Your Love is so Beautiful and y'all make a Perfect Couple! :D

Angelina Cullen Thompson-Levine - Congrats!!!! im super jealous of ur relationship but im still happy for u!! luv ya!

Melissa Edwards - Congratulations edward and bella! May ur love for each other live forever

Lynda Dentrey - congratulations Mr & Mrs Edward Cullen may all your days be blessed

Jessie Cascegna - Congrats, Edward and Bella! Hope you have a spectacular day and may your eternity with each other be filled with blessings and bliss! ♥

Jessica Eckles - Aww congrats Edward and Bella

Pam Scholze-Pieterek - Love is when you look into someone's eyes, and see everything you need forever and live life to the fullest and remember, this is the first day of the rest of your life.

Talia Marie Rosales - Aww!

Christina Seyersdahl - Congratulations Edward and Bella, "No measure of time with you will be enough, but we'll start with forever"

Yanyan Cullen - Congratulations Edward and Bella I hope you both will be the happiest couple yet!

Kathy Donovan Viernes - Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen may you have a wonderful life full of lots of adventures and endless love!!

Amanda Hale - CONGRATS!!! cant wait to watch!!!

Brittany Danielle Clark - Congratulations Edward and Bella! "I'm glad Edward didn't kill you, everything's more fun with you around!"

Amanda N. Moreland  - Congrats on the big day! "Foever is only the beginning!"! Enough said! ;)

Brenda Perez - Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Edward Cullen may you all be happy for the rest of eternity filled with lots of ♥

Kelly Barriga Chavez - Congrats to edward and bella !♥

Christina Naylor - ‎*~♥~*♥~*♥....Congratulations Edward & Bella....♥~*♥~*♥~*

Brittany Duncan - Congrats, Mr. & Mrs. Cullen!! Now you can enjoy a million lifetimes of happiness!!

Deborah Haygood - Congratulations! I am so happy for you! Looking forward to the ceremony.

Miranda Przyojski - Congradulations Edward and Bella!!!! I wish you both happiness in all things forever! ^.^

Maria Jackson - congratulations Bella and Edward ^_^ May you share a long and happy life together always ♥

Casey Mollet - Relationships are not about how you forget but how you forgive, not how you see but how you feel, not how you let go but how you hold on! Congratulations and welcome to your forever together!

Kyla Cullen - Congratulations Edward and Bella!!! ♥


Darina Lamp Shapley - Best wishes for an eternity of happiness. You two share a love that is envied all over the world & we are all so thrilled to be a part of your story. Congratulations!!!!!! ♥

Jennifer Taylor - Congratulations Edward and Bella!!!! I am so happy you got your fairy tale ending.

Lynne Whitney - Foever is only the beginning!"!....congrats

Sasha Mili -  Bella is really lucky as she will be having fairies,vampires,werewolves and all dreamy creatures with her on her wedding i wish them both really happy wedding :)

Sarah Fry - congrats to the beautiful happy couple! Enjoy the rest of your lives together for eternity xxx

Crystal Ediger - I always cry at weddings! Congratulations!!!!

Vridhi Sharma - Congratulations to the couple! Forever is only the start of a long journey ahead of you guys! Lots of love! ♥

Parichaya Shetty - Congratulations Edward & Bella!♥ Wishing you a perfect wedding day and a lifetime of happiness.

Erica Hales - Congratulations to Edward and Bella wishing you a lifetime of happiness

Jennifer Estep - congratulations! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

Heather Thurmond MacDonald - Congratulations to the most perfect couple!!!! Enjoy eternal life as husband and wife!!

Brenda Perez - Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Edward Cullan may your future be filled with lots of love and happiness

Kaveri Saronwala - congrats to edward n bella..!!u r d most amazing and unique couple in the world....the most untradional but the awesum couple!enjoy forever with each other and ovcourse the outcome of ur love-renesmee......may ur forever last long n long n long....

Heather Callahan - Congrats to the best couple.Best wishes for an eternity of happiness. May your forever be filled with love and happiness. ♥

Janie King Hulsey - Congratlations Bella and Edward! Wishing you a wonderful lifetime together. Your love is amazing thing to witness. Much happniess on this wonderful day for you both.

Debby Collins - congratulations edward and bella... i wish you eternal happiness and a lifetime of pure joy!

Hannah KStew Tobin - congrats

Christine Uffman - congrats

Nikita Seys - cangratulations to edward and bella. Lots off hapiness for eternity

Amanda Posel - congratulations to the most wonderful couple in the world! love you guys! best wishes for all eternity :)

Jennifer Fredriksen - congrats edward and bella best wishes for eternity its toatally worth it bella to be with the wonderful vampire in the world

Monica Rita - wowww,i'm very happy!Congrats!

Heather D Cranford Smallwood - So happy 4 u!I wish u all the best!

Autumn Williams - I would like to wish the happy couple all the luck in the world. As long as u have each other u dont need luck. So congratuations.

Francesca Leemans - Congratulations to the most beautiful couple in the whole wide universe! May your love and happiness last as long as you both shall live... ♥

Yanina Cameile - Felicidades a la pareja mas linda del mundo.. por valorar lo que es el amor y el compromiso de casarse!! me facina q hallan elejido tener una vida juntos! que sean felices para siempre y que este sea el comienzo de una vida FELIZ JUNTOS!! ♥♥

Lisa Adee Dess - I wish you both the best of luck in the future and may your future be full of an eternity of love :)

Monica Rachal Tibbs - Edward and Bella,I wish yall Forever and Forever and Forever.As it should be.

Sarah Overby - Congratulations to most lovely of couples ♥ Enjoy each and every moment of your forever.

BreAnne Lee - Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Cullen.....Bella- you are a very lucky woman!

Manda Ariana - Bella & Edward .................Bound by the earth and forest, so to the water and sea, by the air we breathe and the fire within, connected to the stones of old in perfect circle, we two are as one, Together forever, in love for all eternity........ ♥ Congratulations ♥

Karlee Dash - congrats to the greatest couple the world has ever seen!!

Ana DeMoya Roth - Wishing you an eternity of bliss.

Brooke Elzinga - Wishing nothing but a lifetime of happiness to my favorite couple ever :)

Karen Walker - Wishing you both love, peace & happiness today and forever ♥

Natasja Harms - I Wish both of you alot of love and Happiness together :)And a happy and wonderful life with your family and friends. ♥

Mary Tugwell - congratulions to you both have a great future togeather for ever xxxxxx

Jacky Smith - Congratulations on your BIG day .... I know you will be as happy FOREVER as you are TODAY :D

Delrea Jones -  Bella and Edward, A couple that has sparkled for the start.who has endured what only soul mates could.Ii wish you every joy and happiness for eternity

MissLissa Leyba - May your eternal love be filled with joy, happiness and never ending magic. ♥

Heather Gentry-Cazes - Love fills the moment, and the moment begins eternity; Love fills a lifetime, and a lifetime begins this hour - Best wishes as you two begin a new life together!!

Kristi Brolezi  - It is rare when someone finds true love that has no bounds, and you both have found that in each other. I wish you a lifetime of love and joy. Be good to each other.

Rebecca Darna-Stokes  - Congratulations Edward....and remember if something unforeseen should happen to your wife *ahem*, please feel free to sneak in my room at night for some sympathy :-) Another poem ♥♥♥ hope you enjoy

Danielle Smith - Congratulations Edward & Bella!♥ May all your dreams and wishs come true

Marina Flores - Congratulations BeLLa and Edward here's to forever ♥

Jenn Goarck - Congratulations Bella & Edward.

Kristie-anneandScottj Giddens  - Wishing you a happily ever after and a magical life together for eternity ♥♥

Bethany Louise Lynn - Here is to the happy couple, Bella and Edward Cullen. From the start I knew you two has the spark inside you to light the fire of eternal love, and here you are today, making your dreams come true. All I can say is, "forever is only the beginning" ♥

Jenna Hodge - Wishing you an eternity of happiness!

Sara Vallette - Congratulations Edward and Bella on a forever love. ♥

Samantha Justilian - Congratulations to the happy couple and remember that forever is only the beginning .. im so excited to be attending the wedding*!** I can't wait to see your beautiful dress and dance with all the guests ... 

Kelly Jones Hartley - Congratulations to the lovely couple.

Carla Jo Walden - Congrats to one of the most beautiful couples... EVER!!!!

Rachel Marks - Congratulations to Bella & Edward. You are a beautiful couple, may you have many years of bliss and passion. I know you will ;) Have a beautiful perfect day. I cant wait to see you tie the know, you two love birds. xx

Aslam Zafar - Congratulations Bella And Edward :D  I Am so Happy that finally you both got married :D cant wait to see It :D

Jacky Smith - Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Cullen.... I know that you will be as happy FOREVER as you are today... With all my Love and Admiration... Jacky Smith :D

Natalie Holowatyj Mikell  - Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Cullen! You two are the epitome of perfection and beauty and I can't wait to watch you tie yourselves to eachother in what will be the Wedding Ceremony of the Century!!! May you have all you ever dreamed of together for eternity!!! Much Love, Natalie Holowatyj Mikell ♥♥♥

Pamela J Stuard - Congratualtions Edward and Bella!! Wishing you joy and happiness of Eternal Love... Love is strong and will never fade!!

Felicia Loyd - Congrats bella and edward

Jessa Soriano - Forever Soulmate. Forever in Love. Forever Destined. Edward and Bella. CONGRATULATIONS!! CELEBRATE INFINITE LOVE!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ Much Love, Jessa ♥

Mandy Rice - Like 2 pieces of a puzzle, you are now one. I wish you peace, understanding and faith in each other. Congrats!! Enjoy the honeymoon! ;) XOXOXO Mandy Rice

Sharon Inglis  - Congratulations Edward and Bella xx

Anna Stella Schunke - Dear Bella and Edward, the most precious gift you will give to each other are your hearts. The second will be the rings placed on your fingers to remind you that you get to keep each other for Eternity. Congratulations and tons of love!

Tejasvini Rao - Congratulations!! Wishing u both an eternity of love, happiness, joy and much much more.... oxox TJ

Nimika Nimz - Congrats! Edward and Bella wish u a happy lovely life.. Lots of love xoxoxo

Josefine - Dearest Edward and Bella, All my love goes to you on your wedding day tomorrow. May your love grow bigger and brighter for the rest of eternity. Love, Josefine. ♥

Marie Manalo - congratulations edward and bella!

Megan Raybuck Panighetti - Congradulations to the beautiful couple Edward and Bella Cullen!

Christy Gonzalez - Congratulations to the two luckiest people in the world may your love carry you two together through life and all it's journey it will bring to you

Demitra Giote - Congratulations Edward and Bella!!! You have a wonderful eternal life.

Jill Marie Koerber - Congrats Edward and Bella!!!!!! I hope you have an amazing, happy and fulfilling eternal life

John Rosa - congrats to the happy couple edward and bella may your wedding and honeymoon be a day dat you guys will never forget

Clair Wigley - Congratulations edward and bella xxx

Heather Johnson Frazier - Congratulation to the Happy Couple, may his be the most wonderful day,it makes y'all top ten moments for y'all! Edward & Bella!! 

Alondra YoYa Gallo - Congrats Happy Couple!!! Have A Good Time On The HoneyMoon!!

Kwon Betsybi - congrats for the happy couple...everyone's wishing you well and a happy married life...

Gennifer Stoddard McNabb- Congratulations!

Deana Wrather McCoy - I knew you were meant to be. Congrats!

Brianna Griswold - Congrats Edward And Bella :)

Alondra Yady Melendez Rivas - Congratulations Edward and Bella ♥ The future is bright for both of you :D)

Mimi Blick MacKenzie - Congratulations on your journey to eternity ♥

Courtney Grace - Edward and bella you overcome every obstacle that comes your way and after it your love comes out stronger. May that lead you to a very long and eternal life ;)

Sarah Cheri - ~Edward and Bella~ The two most important pieces on the chess board of life have finally become one. Your dreams finally came true. Be happy, be in love, "be safe". ~Lots of love to you both~ ♥ ♥

Carrie Schmitt - Congrats to you both. Have a wonder day.

Kristie Abate Etheridge - Congratulations! We Twilight Moms of Middle Georgia will be celebrating your wedding tomorrow by having a Gala for the Ronald McDonald House!

Kelli Glenn Avery - Edward and Bella, tomorrow starts your forever, congrats with love, Kelli

Kristal Benson-Waldo - Congratulations to you both!!! Enjoy your the eternity that you will have with each other ♥

Bonnie Fletcher - Congratulations to a BEAUTIFUL couple. Wish I was BELLA

Jillian Johnston - Congratulations! 

Amber Crosland - Congrets bella and edward i love you both hears too the bride and grome !

Elizabeth 'Lizz' Kraft - Congrats to the happy couple and let forever never come to an end! Make me a Cullen too! :)

Paula Northman - Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Edward Cullen!!!!!

Kimberly Noe - Congratulations to Edward and Bella Cullen! May you live happily ever after! :)

Lynnette Butler - Congratulations on the beginning of FOREVER..

Sarah Erskine-Vela - Congratulations to the happy couple! May you have a beautiful life together. ♥

Faith Glenn - Here's to love, laughter and happily ever after. ♥ To Edward and Bella!

Brianna Miller - Congratulations Bella and Edward!!! May you enjoy every moment of your forever!!! ♥ 

Catelyn Rose - To the happy couple, may eternity bring you two beautiful people nothing but joy and love!

Gabrijela Javorski - Dear Bella and Edward.. Happy eternity :D ♥

Taylor Swift - Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Edward Cullen!!!!

Aastha Bhatia - congrats my fav couple Mr and Mrs edward cullen .....happy wedding ♥

Natalie Alcide Lutz Baker - Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Edward Cullen. May your forever bring lots of love and happiness! ♥

Amanda Goodison- Savage - Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Cullen, I wish you both happiness and love for the rest of your wonderful lives:) Congrats to Mr and Mrs Edward Cullen!!

Kathleen Greiner - Congratulation to the wonderful couple Mr. & Mrs. Cullen ♥ May all your wishes come true!

Selena 'Twi-Hard' Earney - Congratulations to mr and mrs cullen, may you spend eternity together as forever is just the beginning. May you have a life full of happiness. ♥'x

Annie Winans - Congratulations to the happy couple... forever is only the beginning

Christy Robinson - Congratulations Bella and Edward. May life be filled with love trust happiness and honesty. You are an inspiration to us all. I wish you a loving eternity Mr and Mrs Cullen!!

Emily Walter - Congrats to Bella and Edward! :

Katrina Allen Miller - Congrats "forever is not long enough"

Jakkie Nelson - Congratulations on forever!! Thank you for sharing your day with all of us!

Norma Garica - ♥ Forever is only the beginning ♥ what more could one ask for.....

Ruby Hernandez - Congratulations Edward and Bella!! It's your day and I hope you guys enjoy it to the max. Wish you the best on this day and also forever and ever and ever. I wish you eternal happiness and love on your day. Love you guys! once again Congratulations!!!!!!!!

 Jackie Sclafani - Congratulations to Edward and Bella on your wedding day!!! Remember when one another met and said "And so the lion fell in love with a lamb." That was so romantic. Hope you two will be happily married for enternity, including when Bella is turned into immortal. Love ya guys!!!!

Ann Medwid - I will be attending! Congratulations!

Christina Gelling - Congrats Edward and Bella!!

Ashley Williams - Congrats to the happy couple! After EVERYTHING nooone deserves more happiness than you two! Hope you have many lifetimes of happiness!!!

Brenda Perez - congrats edward and bella cullen hope you stay in love for the rest of eternity

Sara Stahl - Congrats Edward and Bella :)

Liz Lemon - To an eternity of life & love may you always live life to the fullest!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Megan Banegas - Congratulations Edward and Bella! You have both inspired me never to let go of my Edward! I wish you eternal love and happiness Always and Forever! ♥ ♥

Letty Vasquez-Rodriguez - ♥~♥~♥ To A Couple That Was Destined To Be Together, Forever... BELLA & EDWARD! Congratulations On This Most Special Day & Best Wishes Of Happiness, Joy & Love For All Eternity! ♥~♥~♥

Cherish Sassi Womack - Congratulations to the most wonderful and best looking couple of all time, Bella and Edward!!!!!

Rachel Theresa Michelle Kanis - Congrats Edward & Bella. Hope you two live happly ever after! And last forever and ever! Love you both ♥ Good luck in the future together hope its bright and filled with happyness :D ♥

Erica Fitzwater Jackson - Congratulations to the Happy Couple ~ Edward and Bellla ~ The start of Forever ♥

Pamela J Stuard - Congratualtions Edward and Bella!! Wishing you joy and happiness of Eternal Love... Love is strong and will never fade!!

Dianne Crandall - Happy first day of the rest of your existant.

Naomi Vincent - ooo this makes my heart leap!!!!!! cant wait to finally see the film!!! happy wedding day Mr & Mrs Cullenxxxx

Storm Winchester - Congratualtions, Edward and Bella. May your love burn of the rest of eternity.

Jen Stevens - Congratulations to an amazing couple! Enjoy enternity together and I wish you nothingb ut the upmost peace and happiness. And Bella- Let Edward spoil you every once in a while, he loves doing it! ♥

Megan-Rose Black - Congratulations Edward and Bella! I hope that you enjoy eternity together! I wish you the greatest happiness and enjoyment. I wish your beautiful daughter well to! She is one lucky girl to have parents like you :) ♥

John Rosa - Congrats to the happy couple edward and bella may all your wishes come true

Kim Jones Allen - congrats mr. and mrs. cullen! so sorry i can't make it to the special event, but thanks for the invite! :)

Ashley Schrotberger - Congratulations to Edward and Bella on their wedding day, May it be the beginning of a beautiful forever ♥

Genesis Coffey - I WISH THE BEST 4 BOTH OF YOU ♥

Darcy Brown - Congratulations! Have a full and happy life together!

Somer Schaffer - Congratulations to Edward and Bella! I hope their day is filled with love and joy as I know the enternity they are embarking on will be ♥

Morgan Hedden -  Congratulations ! I hope you live a happy life together and love eachother to death and make every moment together last a life time ♥

Anna Belyeu Turner - Congratulations, Edward and Bella, you will exist together for an eternity, just as you do in the hearts of all the readers and movie goers. Much love for the both of you.

Cindy Smith-Cordell - forever and a day was meant for the two of you! I wish for u, bella and edward a lifetime of happiness a journey full of love and a road with many adventures! I pray that you find each moment of your happily ever after to be filled with laughter and joy! and for each step you take in this new life together you will always be surrounded with family and friends to build memories that will last you a lifetime! I congratulate you for over coming many obstacles and finding that true love can conquer all!

Carrie Schmitt - Well I am saying my Congrats on here because my cell phone won't let me do it any other way. Congratulations to the two greatest people I know. Hope y'all have a wonderful day. Congrats again to the happy couple!!!

Aimee-rose Francis - Wish you guys have an Amazing future ahead of you guys. Congratulations on your Marriage wish you all the best!♥

Lisa Crouse - Congrats and happy anniversary to the best couple ever

Leslie Carlisle - your wedding day just happens to be my birthday, i love it!

Rachael Meza - Congrats to the both of you, I know you will have trials and tribulations ahead of you, but remember your love has always proven to pull you thru...Congrats again and heres to your future.

Julie Whiteside Miller - Congrats to you both. Forever and always. ♥

Rebecca Ybarra - Congratulations Edward and Bella! May your forever be filled with lots of love and all your wishes come true! ♥

Lynsey Cullen - i wish you an eternity of happiness xxx bright blessings xxx

Patricia Anikonow - may your forever's be forever ♥ may your love grow day by day♥

Patty Presley - Happy Anniversary, Edward and Bella! May your forever always be filled with happiness!

Stephanie Audette-Shellito - Congrats Edward and Bella! May you forever always be filled with love and joy! Xoxo

Debbie Chenoweth - Congratulations Edward and Bella! We will remember and love u forever!

Heaven Owens - Congratulations no other dream wedding makes older women still believe in the fairy tale we all did when we were younger

Ronnysue MattsGirl Evans - Congrats edward & bella a love like yours is true & one of a kind and will last for Eturnity

Jilli Linnett - ♥ congratulations to the new mr. and mrs. edward cullen! your marriage is the picture of the truest form of true love and i wish you a marriage full of happiness and love that i know will last you an eternity! ♥

Tami Dahmen - Congratulations on your marriage Edward & Bella! May your love that is eternally beautiful be blessed with pure happiness.

Sabrina Money-Wilson - I can't wait! Congratulations!

Courtney Fanning - Congratulations to Edward & Bella! ♥

Carolyn Nooney - Mr. & Mrs. Cullen, Many happy wishes for you both through infinity

Leslie Spoonhunter - I wish Bella & Edward Cullen love, life, n happiness!!!

Ashley Gray - Happy Anniversary Edward and Bella Cullen may every moment of your FOREVER be filled with eternal Happiness. Watching Twilight to celebrate the moment your FOREVER BEGAN. Ill love you both FOREVER :)

Wendy Sterling Carr - Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen!

Brodie Barry - So happy for you both! Congratulations!

Laina Chantarapan Gruver - Welcome to your forever (and forever and forever) Best wishes!!

Jenni Lerman  - congratulations to the wonderful couple hope you have a happy future together and may you always cherish each other

Congratulations to Edward and Bella Cullen!
Thank you for letting us be apart of your love story.

We all wish you an eternity of love and happiness.
~ Twilighters Dream ~

Be sure to check out all the Edward and Bella Wedding Fun we had on the Twilighters Dream Facebook Page in celebration of their wedding on Saturday, August 13th. 

We had a Wedding Day Giveaway and 4 lucky winners won some awesome prizes.

Wedding Guestbook Giveaway Winner
Amber Bounds

Bonus Prize Winners from Bella, Alice & Jacob
Kristie Abate Etheridge & Christina Naylor

Bonus Prize Winner from Twilighters Dream
BreAnne Lee