Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Guest Bedroom

Recently I decided to re-do my guest room. Before it was purple, green, blue and seashells because those were my colors and I love the beach. However this has been my "theme" since I got married 5 years ago soooo it was definitely time for a change!!! 

While out shopping the other day I found an awesome 7 piece comforter set at Ross for only $49.99!! It is black and greyish silver and damask. I LOVE IT!! It's so me and very Twi. Of course I got black sheets to go with it and they are super comfy. 

I already had the lampshade so it was a perfect match. I just need to go back to Walmart and get another one since I have two nightstands. I even found a trashcan at Ross and picture frames at Target to match. 

I think it looks great!! My sister will be coming to visit this weekend so she will be my first guest to stay in the "new room".

While I was shopping at Ross I also found another 7 piece bed set that I like so I also bought it to re-do the third bedroom.

After that it's a new shower curtain for the guest bathroom to match it all!!! I love it!! 

Casa de Dream is looking very subtly Twi. Unless you are a fan then I will put Edward up when you visit!! Yes, yes most definitely this is how it will look next time my Twi-BFF Lynn from Our Twilight Corner comes to visit.

Lynn your room is ready!! Come back anytime!!
Little D is waiting! :)

Updated: 8/17/12  I got black curtains!! :)

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  1. Yay my room is ready!!! Love it!!! Make sure you put chocolate on my pillow too!!! =o)