Monday, October 31, 2011

Fan of the Week 5

Congratulations to Isabella Renee Aguila!

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Happy Halloween

I hope everyone has a
very Happy Halloween!

I wish we could all go trick or treating
in Forks, WA. I hear there's lots of
Eye Candy there. :)

Are you ready for 11/1/11?

Tomorrow is Tuesday November 1st. Yay!! :) This November 1st is a VERY BIG DAY. Do you know why? There are SEVERAL reasons why.

#1 - Only 17 days until Breaking Dawn premieres.

with Twilight at 7:30pm.

#3 - Water for Elephants available on
DVD and BluRay.

#4 - The Volvo Challenge Game begins.

#5 - Only 7 days til we can buy

18 Days til Breaking Dawn

“You’d think I’d be used to telling
you goodbye by now,” he murmured.

I tried to swallow the lump in my throat,
but I couldn’t force it down.

Jacob looked at me and frowned.
He wiped his fingers across my cheek,
catching the tears there.

“You’re not supposed to be the one crying, Bella.”

“Everyone cries at wedding,” I said quickly.

“This is what you want, right?”


“Then smile.”

I tried. “He laughed at my grimace.

“I’m going to try to remember you like this….
Pink cheeks. Heartbeat. Two left feet. All of that.”

I deliberately stomped on his foot as hard as I could.

He smiled. “That’s my girl.”

Jacob Black and Bella Cullen
Breaking Dawn, Ch. 4, p. 63-64

Sunday, October 30, 2011

100th BLOG

For my 100th blog, I thought I would take you on a short journey through a Twilighters Dream. :)

I started my blog on March 26, 2011 as a place where I could post, talk and share my love of Twilight with other Twilighters who shared the same love for the beloved characters Edward, Bella & Jacob.

One of the first blogs I wrote was about Dreaming up a Twilight Party. In August 2010 I hosted my first Twilight Party which was awesome. I have shared ideas on how to host your own party as well as the pictures and video from that night.

I have also blogged about my Twilight Adventures where I found Twilight in my neck of the woods. I have also challenged you to find pieces of Twilight near you.

Since then there have been numerous blogs on various Twilight related things and blogs about adding twi-treasures to my Twilight Collection

One huge highlight this year was meeting Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) at the 100 Monkeys Concert in Tampa, FL. OMJ! That was awesome!!! I had so much fun and could NOT believe that I got to see him in person, meet him, get his autograph and a HUG!!!!! YAY!!! Read all about the concert here and look through all the pictures. :)

Most recently I have shared with you my Ultimate DREAM COME TRUE when I went on the trip of a lifetime to Forks, WA and the beautiful Northwest.

I got to see, take pictures and go twi-crazy in the real town of ForksLa Push and Port Angeles. I also got to visit a lot of the filming locations from the movie Twilight. I have posted several albums but there are still a TON of pictures that I haven't posted yet. I will get to them. I promise the best ones are yet to come.

Not only did I get to go on my dream trip but I got to share and experience it all with some of the wonderful ladies from my sister pages (Our Twilight Corner & Pure Twilight ) and my Twi-BFF, Lynn from Our Twilight Corner.

Anna, Lisa (ME), Angie, Savanna, Olivia & Lynn
None of us had ever met in person until they picked me up at the airport in Portland, OR. Of course Lynn and I had talked, emailed, Facebooked, Skyped, Texted, etc on thousands of occasions but never in person.

Just a couple of TwiBFFs blogging and Facebooking :)

I have to say this was one of the best experiences of my life and sharing it with Lynn, Savanna, Olivia, Anna and Angie made it so much more complete. It was truly EPIC and I will cherish every memory!

This brings us up to the current day where now I am dreaming and blogging about the Countdown to Breaking Dawn which is only 18 days away!!! I am super excited just like all of you.

In just 1 day my girls, Gaby and Khara, and I will be heading to the theater where Twilight Saga Tuesdays will begin. Yippie!! We get to see Edward's sexy self on the big screen yet again with the movie based on the book that started it all. 

I am REALLY looking forward to this because I have not watched Twilight since I went to all the filming locations in Oregon in September. I know shame on me for not watching it sooner but I guess you could say I was waiting for 11/1/11. :)

I hope you have all enjoyed following along while I've shared my dreams with you. I'm sure a lot of our dreams are the same because we share the same love. Just remember that Twilighters Dreams Do Come True so keep dreaming because if you dream long and hard enough yours too will come true.

Which brings me to MY NEXT DREAM. I would LOVE to open my own store in the beautiful Northwest. I found this awesome empty space in St. Helens, Oregon which is right off the alley from the parking lot where Edward saved Bella.

What do you think? Perfect for a Twilight Cafe and Lounge with a gift shop? What do you say Lynn - partners? HAHA I don't think our hubby's would share our excitement for this adventure but hey Twilighters can dream right?

Check out Twilighters Dream on Facebook to see the pictures from my Forks Trip and for a SNEAK PEEK at the Twilight filming location pictures that I will be posting soon. Also check out some Twi-Fun in the Northwest with Our Twilight Corner.

Twilight Saga Tuesdays

We only have 2 more days until Twilight Saga Tuesdays begin. Whoop Whoop!

On Tuesday, November 1st at 7:30pm I will be heading to the theater with my girls to see TWILIGHT on the big screen. I am super excited! 

Is anyone else going to see
Twilight on Tuesday?


19 Days til Breaking Dawn

How did people do this –
swallow all their fears
and trust someone else so implicitly with
every imperfection and fear they had –
with less than the absolute
commitment that Edward had given me?
If it weren’t Edward out there,
if I didn’t know in every cell of my body
that he loved me as much as I loved him –
unconditionally and irrevocably
and, to be honest, irrationally –
I’d never be able to get up off this floor.

Bella Cullen, Breaking Dawn, Chapter 5, p.83

Countdown to Breaking Dawn

How excited are you for Breaking Dawn? I am SUPER EXCITED!!!!! I am so excited that I think I am a day ahead in my countdown. HAHA That just shows you I want it to be here already.

To keep myself focused and to not let my excitement get the best of me I created a Countdown Calendar to keep me on track. This way I'm not posting the 5 day countdown starting tomorrow. Which I would totally do if I could because I am soooooo ready for it to be here.

So Twilighters as of Sunday, October 30 we have 19 days to go! Whoop Whoop! 

I am looking forward to Thursday, November 17th at 12:01am so I can post the 24 hour countdown! I have a very special and fun edit for that day. Be sure to look for it . . .

"Flightless Bird, American Mouth" by Iron & Wine

Iron & Wine
"Flightless Bird, American Mouth"
Wedding Version

I was a quick wit boy 
Diving too deep for coins 
All of your street light eyes 
Wide on my plastic toys 
Then when the cops closed the fair 
I cut my long baby hair 
Stole me a dog-eared map 
And called for you everywhere 

Have I found you, Flightless Bird; 
Jealous, weeping? 
Or lost you, American Mouth; 
Big Pill, looming? 

Now I’m a fat house cat 
Nursing my sore, blunt tongue 
Watching the warm poison rats 
Crawl through the wide fence cracks 
Pissing on magazine photos 
Those fishing lures thrown in the cold and clean 
Blood of Christ mountain stream 

Have I found you?, Flightless Bird;
Grounded, bleeding? 
Or lost you, American Mouth; 
Big Pill, stuck going down

Friday, October 28, 2011

*Official Music Video* A Thousand Years

Here is the official music video for A Thousand Years by Christina Perri that was released on October 26, 2011. I absolutely love this song and I look forward to seeing where it plays during Breaking Dawn. Enjoy!

I can't wait to buy my copy of the Breaking Dawn Soundtrack Part 1 which will be out on November 8, 2011. Will you be getting yours?

20 Days til Breaking Dawn

We're getting closer. Only 20 days to go! :)

I thought today I would share some pictures of Rob and Ashley doing promotion for Breaking Dawn in Paris and Stockholm.

Eeeekk . . . Tomorrow we are in the TEENS.
OME! I can't wait! :)

"I Didn’t Mean It" by The Belle Brigade

Brother-sister duo the Belle Brigade didn’t set out to write “I Didn’t Mean It” for theTwilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 soundtrack, but it came out ideally suited to the mood of the hyper-romantic vampire flick. “We wrote ‘I Didn’t Mean It’ while housesitting for our friend with a piano,” says frontwoman Barbara Gruska. “We pretty much wrote the whole  song in a few hours, which is a lot faster than usual. We were really excited about the song when we wrote it, and it kind of sat around for a little while until we were asked for material for Twilight. The song is about jealousy, so it works well with the whole Twilight love triangle.”

Thanks to Pure Twilight for posting the info. :) 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

21 Days til Breaking Dawn

Jasper was the first one I saw - 
he didn't seem to see me at all. 
His eyes were only for Alice. 
She went quickly to his side; 
they didn't embrace like other couples meeting there.
They only stared into each other's faces, 
yet, somehow, the moment was so private
that I still felt the need to look away. 
- New Moon 

Support Music at Forks Middle School

Forks, WA Needs OUR Help!

The music program at Forks Middle School is struggling and is in a contest where they can win a MILLION Dollars to help support their program.

I recently went to Forks, WA and even though I don't know the students at Forks Middle personally, I am a huge Twilight Fan and love to do what I can to help.

I encourage you all to take the time to vote and help the middle school in the REAL TOWN we have all fallen in love with because of Stephenie Meyer and her beloved characters Edward, Bella and Jacob.

Did I mention that you can VOTE DAILY! I AM! :) Even if you just  vote once you are helping.

Check out the details on Glee - Give a Note.

I thank you in advance for your support. I know they greatly appreciate any help and love we send their way.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

22 Days til Breaking Dawn

"You’ll always be my Bella,

you’ll just be a little more durable."

Edward Cullen, Eclipse, Chapter 12, p.274

Halloween Gift from Our Twilight Corner

I am soooo excited. When I got home from work today I had a package waiting for me. Yay! This package was EXTRA special because it was from my friends at OUR TWILIGHT CORNERWhoop Whoop!

I LOVE the tape they used to seal it. Very cool!

My Twi-BFF, Lynn, and Savanna from OTC sent me a little Halloween treat. Oh, what a treat it was! Check it out.

I love the paper the note is written on. :)
Inside was a FANG bracelet and "Support Vampires" magnet. I am totally vamped up to wear the bracelet to the Midnight Premiere. I also can't wait to put the magnet on my car to show my support and love for vampires. <3

Although I know I will have to take it off for the Premiere because someone would TOTALLY steal it off my car in the parking lot. I don't trust those humans. HAHA

THANK YOU SO MUCH LYNN & SAVANNA. I absolutely love it. It's FANGtastic.

I hope you have twitastic Twiloween too. :)

23 Days til Breaking Dawn

"He smiled the kind of smile
that would have stopped my heart
if it were still beating."

Bella Cullen, Breaking Dawn, Chapter 20, p.393

Monday, October 24, 2011

Secret Twilight Sister - Clue #1

Today my "Pre-figure Out Who I Am" Gift arrived in the mail and I have to say that I totally didn't get it! LOL Wait let me explain.

I got home from work and waiting for me was a package. I immediately got excited and couldn't wait to open it. I knew it was from my STS. Inside the package was a copy of both Breathless and Deathless by Scott Prussing. I have really been wanting to check out these books but just haven't gotten around to ordering them yet. (If you'd like to order go to Scott's website.) I was so happy that she sent me copies.

However I got confused if they really were from her or not because there was no note inside the envelope. I doubled checked to make sure and sure enough there was nothing. I knew they had to be from someone that knew me because they had my address but was a little stumped.

I knew from checking out the Breathless Fampires Facebook page that Scott Prussing often signed copies of his books.

So I opened the cover of Breathless and there was nothing. HAHA No clue to who sent them. I set the books aside and went online. But not without taking pictures first of course!

I went online and did my usual checking of emails and Facebook. I also uploaded the picture of my recent package and tagged The TwiHard Diet in my post which said:

"I got a special surprise in the mail today! I believe it is from my Secret Twilight Sister! Yay! So exciting!! Can't wait to check out these books!"

A little while later I got a message and text from Cami Faith who is an admin on THD which said, "Look inside the cover of your books!" I replied, "I looked inside Breathless earlier but didn't see anything." 

Then I thought, I checked inside Breathless but didn't look inside Deathless and she did say BOOKS. So I got the book out to see if there was anything inside that cover.


HAHAHA I feel like such a dork! I totally didn't look inside both books. I only looked in the Breathless because it's Scott's first book. How funny is that? I was totally looking for a note to let me know who it was from and there were three places to look. I only looked in two of them. :)

Now that I know the books are from my STS and this is my "Pre-Figure Out Who I Am" Gift - I have my FIRST CLUE!

Here is what the inscription says:


Since the time is coming soon that I will reveal who I am, I thought it fitting to send you the second half of the AMAZING Blue Fire Saga, and to let you know I have a character in the book and I am in the Golden Circle.

Lots of Love,
Your STS

Once you turn the page there is a list of everyone's names who are in the Golden Circle.

Within this list is the NAME of
MY Secret Twilight Sister!

I am SUPER DUPER EXCITED because now I have it NARROWED DOWN! But there are soooooo many names on this list that I recognize and know. Even the name(s) of those who I thought it might be.

Yay! Could I be right? OME! That would be exciting! I guess we will have to wait and see. EEK!!!! I can't wait! I will TOTALLY tell you and HER if I guessed RIGHT!

Stay tuned .  . .