Friday, August 3, 2012

Blue Fire Heat by Scott Prussing

Yay!!!! I got another book in the mail today to add to my Blue Fire Collection. This one is called Blue Fire Heat. So far there are four books in this series and this latest one is a mini book for "adults". I'm hoping for some "fifty style fun". LOL I've been told that it is FULL OF HEAT!! Ohh yeah! I can't wait to read it.

Scott is currently writing the fifth book titled 'Heartless'. I can't wait for him to finish writing it. I am hooked on Leesa and Rave! If you're interested in spoilers, Scott frequently post excerpts as he is writing on Breathless Fampires.

If you love to read then you must check out Scott Prussing's Blue Fire Saga. I highly recommend them!! Trust me you won't be disappointed. 

You can download the e-books on Amazon or order a hard copy from Also be sure to follow Breathless Fampires on Facebook.

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