Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Breaking Dawn Wedding Poster

I have a new addition to my Twilight Collection!!! EEK!! I am super excited about it!!! 

My friend Ana works at Target and she is a fellow Twilighter. She always lets me know when Target gets in new Twi stuff. After the DVD release of Breaking Dawn Part 1 she asked me if I would like the poster they used for their store display. Of course I said YES!!!

Since she doesn't live in the same city as me we haven't been able to meet up until recently. This past weekend I went over and picked up the poster. OMG! It's awesome!! It's absolutely gorgeous!! It features Edward and Bella on their wedding day! :)

I am not quite sure where I will be putting it yet but maybe I will put it in my newly decorated guest room! Think my company will like it? LOL Who cares!! I love it!!

Thank you, thank you Ana!! And thank you to Maria for holding on to it until I could pick it up. I appreciate it very much! I love it! :)

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