Friday, October 4, 2013

Summit Marketing Images

OMG!!! This is super awesome!!! I love all the images together!! Thank you to Jack Morrissey for sharing this with us!!! Also thank you to The Cimarron Group!!

Twihards ICYMI: The Cimarron Group produced for Summit Marketing aaaaallllll the posters, banners, standees, trailers, tv spots and DVD special features for the entire saga. This image, produced by them after BREAKING DAWN 2, will be a sentimental walk down memory lane for every fangirl. Enjoy! ~ Jack Morrissey (Facebook post)

'Twilight Forever' DVD Trailer

Yahoo! Movies has just released a trailer for the 'Twilight Forever' Blu-Ray Boxed Set DVD set that is due out on November 5th. Check it out!!!

You can pre-order your DVD sets now at Amazon and Walmart. Amazon is cheaper.

I can't wait to add this to my Twilight Saga DVD Collection!!! ONLY ONE MONTH AND 2 HOURS!!