Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Viewpoint Inn has SOLD!

I am so happy the Inn has sold!!!  The new owners are a local Corbett, Oregon couple, Heiner and Sheron Fruehauf.  They plan to REBUILD and bring the beauty back to this wonderful and historic site on the Columbia River Gorge!!!

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Our Twilight Corner visits the View Point Inn 2010

The Viewpoint Inn is the home of the Twilight Prom that was tragically destroyed in a fire in July 2011. 

Window where Victoria watched Edward and Bella


In the last five years since the fire occurred the Inn has sat emptyThere have been several failed attempts to save it.  We've witnessed some roof reconstruction started but it was never finished.  Sadly the state of the Inn has declined and it has been the victim of vandalism.  I still continued to visit the Inn on my trips to the Pacific Northwest.  However with each passing year it's gotten sadder to see.
September 2011

September 2012

September 2012
April 2013
September 2013

January 2014

June 2015

December 2015

February 2016

March 2016

September 2016

There is a long road ahead to rebuilding this iconic and historic site but I want to say THANK YOU,  Congratulations and Best of luck to the new owners!!!  I look forward to watching the progress of this restoration and visiting again one day!

Note: The pictures used in this blog posts were either taken by myself, friends, or posted on the public Facebook Page (Save The Viewpoint Inn) or Group (Friends of the Viewpoint Inn) or Google Images.