Thursday, May 24, 2012

Three New Official BD PT2 Posters

Today three NEW Official Breaking Dawn Part 2 posters were revealed!! Here is a cover photo that I made that includes them! :)

I have to say that I am loving them!! I can't wait until the movie comes out. Bella looks awesome with the red eyes and kick ass in the black leather!!! Ohhhhhhhh EEEKKK!! I am too excited!! Only 175 more days!! Yay!! :)

What do you think of the new posters??

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sparkliest GiftAway Winner

This year I celebrated my birthday with you all by showering YOU ALL with gifts and giveaways. It started with five winners in the Birthday Giveaway and continued with the Grand Sparkliest Giftaway for a total of SIX WINNERS in all!! Yay!!! I love it!! 

For the Birthday Giveaway there was five different ways that you could enter. You could either comment on the blog or Facebook event, send me a tweet and/or like a post on Pinterest and Tumblr. The more you entered the more it increased your chances of winning since there was five drawings. Five lucky winners were chosen at random and each received a brand new set of the Twilight Saga Journals and a jar of Twilight Sand which I collected in La Push, Washington when I visited last year. 

As a surprise the showering of gifts continued. I hosted another giveaway as a challenge. In that challenge I asked those that entered the Birthday Giveaway to find each of their assigned numbers in the drawings and if there entered at least FOUR of the five ways they could enter the grand prize drawing. This drawing was for a brand new Bella's Wedding Hair Comb... as I called it the Sparkliest GiftAway because of all the sparkles on the comb. :)

This is my FAVORITE item in my Twilight Collection so I was excited to give one away to a very deserving person who follows my blog in at least four of the five places I can be followed. Tonight I posted the seven entries and chose one winner at random. 

The winner of the Sparkliest GiveAway is
Donna Midnightsun!!!


Please email me your address at and I will get your comb on it's way to you!!

Thank you again to EVERYONE who entered the Birthday Giveaway this past weekend and thank you for all the amazing wishes you have sent my way. My birthday was truly fangtastic and very sparkly!!! As my friend, Lynn, from Our Twilight Corner and I always say.... KEEP THE SPARKLE ALIVE!!

Sparkliest GiftAway Prize


Just a reminder that you have until 10pm TONIGHT to enter the Sparkliest GiftAway Challenge!!!

To qualify: You must have entered the Birthday Giveaway in at least FOUR ways and assigned a number for each entry. In order to find your numbers check the notes on the Twilighters Dream Facebook Page. (FacebookTwitterPinterestTumblrBlog 

If for some reason you believe you did enter and I have missed your name and number please Facebook message or email me at and I will check. With five drawings and hundreds of entries it is possible one slipped passed my notice. Sorry!!

To Enter: Please comment on the Sparkliest GiftAway event on Facebook with your name and your four or five numbers from the Birthday Giveaway.

You have until 10:00 pm (EST) tonight to comment.  I will then assign all those who qualify with a number and do a drawing for the grand gift winner.

ONE winner will win the
VERY SPARKLY prize show below. 

This is my FAVORITE item from my entire Twilight Collection so it's the perfect gift for me to giveaway to you in celebration of my Birthday which was on Sunday, May 6th.

Thank you again for all your wonderful wishes. I had a fangtastic day filled with sparkles! :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sparkliest GiftAway

I have ONE more surprise up my sleeve. This is a challenge for you .... should you choose to accept it. 

If YOU entered in AT LEAST FOUR WAYS in the Birthday Giveaway and can provide me with your four or five numbers in each of those drawings you will be entered into a Grand GiftAway!!!

There are soooooo many entries and it is far too much for me to see if each of your entered at least four ways. This is why it's your challenge. :)

To be entered into the Grand Giftaway: Please comment on the Sparkliest GiftAway event on Facebook with your name and your four - five numbers. 

NOTE: You must have a number for at least four enteries in order to be entered. In order to find your numbers check the notes. (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Blog

If for some reason you believe you did enter and I have missed your name and number please Facebook message or email me at and I will check. With five drawings and hundreds of entries it is possible one slipped passed my notice. Sorry!!

You will have until 10pm (EST) on Wednesday, May 9th to comment. 

I will then take all names who comment and put them into another drawing for the Grand Giftaway Winner.

Good luck and Happy Number Hunting!!!

Birthday Giveaway Winners

In order to celebrate My 31st Birthday with you all I hosted a Giveaway in true Alice fashion. 

There were FIVE WAYS that you could enter the giveaway so that meant there would be FIVE WINNERS in FIVE DIFFERENT DRAWINGS!!! YAY!!! 

The odds of winning were greatly increased if you entered more than once. As they say during The Hunger Games..which you all know that I love...."May the odds be ever in your favor". LOL

On Sunday, May 6th, I posted all the entries for the giveaway and then let the drawings begin!!!

Below are the winners in the Birthday Giveaway!! 

1st Winner - Facebook Entry
Brianne Whisnant Griego

2nd Winner - Twitter Entry
Kari Current

3rd Winner - Pinterest Entry
Teri - Kappes

4th Winner - Tumblr Entry
Brenda Thompson

5th Winner - Blog Entry
Meaghan Hoffman

Congratulations to all the winners!!
Please email me your address so I can send you

Also thank you to everyone who entered and a BIG THANK YOU for all the wonderful birthday wishes. I truly had a very sparkly day! Thank you for your part in making it so great.


Forever 31

It's my birthday!!! Yay!!! I'll FOREVER be 31!! hehe

It also means the giveaway drawing is just around the corner. Don't forget to enter the giveaway

FIVE WINNERS will be chosen tomorrow evening. :)

Thank you for all your wishes and comments!!!

I love sharing and enjoying
the love of Twilight with you all!!


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo Pre Birthday Celebration

Hope everyone has a Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! I'm beginning my birthday celebration early!! Yay!! Have a great night everyone!! :)

Birthday Giveaway Numbers

I just posted all the entries that I have so far as of 9:10pm on Saturday, May 5th!!! Please check the note section on Facebook for your name and your numbers for each entry. If you entered in more than one way your number is DIFFERENT for each drawing as I assigned them as they came in. :)

Click the links below to check for your number for each entry. :)

There is still plenty of time to enter the Birthday Giveaway!! Head over and enter now to increase your chances of winning one of these the awesome prizes. FIVE WINNERS will each win a brand new set of the Twilight Saga Journals and a Heart-Shaped Jar of Twilight Sand!! :)

You have a little over 24 hours to enter! I will be doing the drawing in the evening as my birthday plans with the family are in the afternoon tomorrow.

Thank you for all the wonderful wishes and Good Luck!!

For more details on the giveaway please read the blog.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Birthday Giveaway Prize

As you know I am hosting a giveaway in celebration of my birthday which is on Sunday, May 6th. There are FIVE WAYS that you can enter the giveaway.

1. Comment on the Birthday Giveaway Blog

2. Comment on the Event Wall on the Twilighters Dream FB Page

3. Tweet @lmhadley I want to enter the #birthdaygiveaway

4. Like the Birthday Giveaway Pin on Pinterest

5. Like the Birthday Giveaway Post on Tumblr

Each way that you enter the giveaway will increase your chances of winning a prize. What is the prize you might be asking yourself?!

In true Alice fashion I always have something special planned... 

Everyone who enters the Birthday Giveaway will be entered into a drawing where 5 WINNERS will be chosen!!!

Each of the 5 WINNERS will win a prize pack as seen pictured below:

The prize pack includes a BRAND NEW set of The Twilight Journals and a Heart-Shaped Jar of Twilight Sand which I love to call "A Little Piece of La Push".

Each jar includes Authentic Twilight Sand that I collected from two different beaches in the Pacific Northwest. 

First Beach, La Push, Wa

The first kind I collected from the real First Beach in La Push, Washington and the other is from Indian Beach, Oregon which is the movie version of La Push where the "First Beach" scenes were filmed.

I hope that you are as excited about the prizes as I am!!! So hurry up and enter the giveaway in as many ways as you can. You have until Sunday to enter and I will be choosing the winners later that day. Time to be determined.... I have to find out with my birthday party plans are before I can announce that!! hehe

Good Luck and Thank you for celebrating with me!! :)

Twilighters Dream

For more details on the Birthday Giveaway be sure to read the blog.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Birthday Giveaway

On Sunday, May 6th I will be celebrating my 31st Birthday! To celebrate I am having a GIVEAWAY!!! 

To make this more fun, I am increasing the number of times you can enter!!! You can enter one, two, three or all five the ways! It's up to you! :) 

Here are the ways that you can enter the Birthday Giveaway!!

1. Attend the Birthday Giveaway Event on Facebook and COMMENT on the WALL.

2. Follow Twilighters Dream on Twitter and TWEET - 
@lmhadley I want to enter the #birthdaygiveaway

3. Follow Twilighters Dream on Pinterest and "LIKE" the Birthday Giveaway Pin

4. Follow Twilighters Dream on Tumblr and "LIKE" the Birthday Giveaway Post

5. Comment BELOW on this Birthday Giveaway Blog Post

All comments on this blog and the Facebook event wall will be assigned a number. All entries submitted via Tweet to @lmhadley will be assigned a number. All LIKES on the Birthday Giveaway Post and Pin on Pinterest and Tumblr will be assigned a number. 

On Sunday, May 6th I will post all entires and their assigned numbers. Then I'll do drawing for the winners.

Time of the drawing and the Prizes to be announced soon.

Good luck and thank you for celebrating with me! 


Twilighters Dream