Sunday, July 31, 2011

100 Monkeys Concert

As a Twilighter one of my dreams would be to meet one of the stars from the Twilight Saga cast. This dream came true!

On Thursday, July 28th in Tampa, FL the band 100 Monkeys performed in concert. For those of you who are unfamiliar with 100 Monkeys this is Jackson Rathbone's band. You all know who Jackson is so no need to explain further. :)

I found out that they would be in concert in Florida from a fellow Twilighter who follows my blog. I immediately looked up the tour dates and discovered that they would be in Tampa in two weeks! I called my sister who lives in Tampa and asked her if she would go with me. Of course she didn't know who the band was or what kind of music that they sang. Neither did I. I just wanted to go so I would have a chance to see Jackson.

My brother in law also lives in the Tampa area so I asked if he would like to go since it would be good chance to hang out and watch live music. I told him beforehand so he would know my reason for wanting to go. He was cool with it and thought it would be fun. He also invited a friend along as well. So I bought the tickets online and couldn't wait for the two weeks to pass by.

The day of the concert I worked half a day so you can imagine how I was waiting for the day to go by so I could get to see Jackson. I was so excited and telling everyone what I was going to be doing that night. When it was time to leave I was super excited and loaded up the car. The drive to Tampa is 2 hours so I grabbed a red bull, got comfy and cruised listening to music.

My sister was at work so the plan was I was going to her house and get ready and then she would be home and we were going to meet up with my brother in law and his friend to all drive together. In my excitement I totally forgot to bring my sister's house key with me. HAHA I called my brother in law and he was working so he wouldn't be home either. One of my good friends also lives in the Tampa area so I called her to see if she would be home. Luckily she was so I went to her house to get ready.

Once I got to my friends' house I started getting ready for the concert. I straightened my hair which takes forever since it is so long and thick but I wanted it to look good so straight was the way to go. After my hair was done I put on my makeup. I applied a light layer of diamond dust to my face so it would *SPARKLE*. It was very subtle but later my brother in law mentioned he noticed it so I was excited.

After I did my hair and makeup I was about to get dressed but all of a sudden it started pouring rain. At first I was like "No my hair is gonna get frizzy" but then thought, "How fitting! It's raining! Very Forkish!" LOL Luckily by the time I got dressed it stopped raining so I didn't get wet.

I wore a cute black shirt and comfy jeans. I didn't want it to be obvious that I was a Twilight fan so the Twilight shirts stayed at home. However with a sparkly face, my Cullen Crest necklace and excited behavior I'm sure it was very obvious that I was! :)

Once I was dressed and ready for the concert I gathered up my tickets and items that I brought to get autographed if the opportunity presented itself and headed out the door! Of course I didn't leave without taking a picture. If you haven't noticed by now I am a picture freak. I love taking pictures and usually fill up a memory card or half for each occassion. HAHA I know it's a little obsessive but it usually takes a lot of pictures to get a few really good ones. I've already decided that I need to bring a 16 GB card with me on my Forks Trip. I don't want to be stuck with no memory card space. That would be horrible.

With tickets in hand I met up with my brother in law, his friend and my sister and we set out for the concert in downtown Tampa. The concert was at a place called The Orpheum. None of us had ever been there so we were excited to check out a new place. I was excited for other reasons as well like meeting Jackson.

When we arrived the second of the three opening bands was on stage. There was a lot of people there and a lot of girls. Hmmm wonder why! LOL We walked around and checked out the place and looked for the perfect spot to hang out once they took the stage. Most everyone was standing at center stage so there was no way we would get close if we went there. However there was very few people off the to the left of the stage so we were able to get RIGHT UP to the stage. It was awesome. We were so close it was great!

Since there was time before they took the stage we went to check out the merchandise table. My brother in law bought me a cool t-shirt. My favorite color is purple so I got this purple v-neck shirt that had a sword on it and a lyric from a song and then said 100 Monkeys on it. I didn't read the lyric until later and was like what is this. The lyric was, "I will kill you in your sleep so you better try and try and keep awake." I totally didn't know what that meant until I heard them sing a song called Keep Awake which they refer to as The Lullaby. So really I got the perfect shirt! It's my favorite color and its about The Lullaby. It's not Bella's Lullaby but the 100 Monkeys! Very cool. :)

After getting my t-shirt we went back to our spot stage side and waited. We didn't have to wait long. The third opening band finished and they changed over and the 100 Monkeys took the stage! OMJ! I was soooooo excited and couldn't wait. I looked over there was Jackson Rathbone in person! EEEKK!!!! I was speechless of course. I couldn't believe how close we were . It was awesome.

I had a great time during the concert and enjoyed all the songs. I'm glad I listened to their music before the show because I recognized and knew a lot of the songs. I was amazed by how talented they all were. They all sang and they switched instruments frequently. It was great. Jackson played the guitar, keyboard, harmonica, drums and the mandolin.

While I was enjoying the show my brother in law went and got the scoop from the girl at the merchandise table. She told him that they were going to be doing a meet and greet after the concert. During the last song she said to come back here and get in line so we could be near the front. Awesome!

Awhile later the band finished playing a song and they went off stage. I said to my brother in law "let's go!" We went back there and the girl at the table said they were going to take a break and there would be a dance off and then they would come back on and do 3-4 more songs. So we went back to the stage to enjoy the final songs.

The band came back out and sang a song called "The Monkey Song". It was a very catchy song and a lot of people were singing it. At one point during the song Jackson said "Spider Monkey". I started laughing and looked at the girl next to me and said "Did you catch that?" She said "Yeah, that was awesome!" Loved it!

After the band played 4 more songs Jackson ended the show with introductions of the band members. When they took they final bow we went back to get in line for the meet and greet. I had my items all ready to get signed. My sister was in charge of the camera, my brother in laws friend had a picture from Eclipse and I had an apple that my sister Twi-Sister from The TwiHard Diet's Mothers Day exchange made for it. It's awesome, thanks Darina.

We were third and fourth in line for the meet and greet. The girl at the table gave me a thumbs up. My brother in law's friend went first and got the picture signed. I was after him. I kinda don't remember the whole encounter because I couldn't believe that I was face to face with him. I remember saying "Hi" and "Great show" other than that I can't tell you if I said anything else. HAHA I was totally trying to be cool but I think I was just speechless. I handed him the apple for him to sign and just smiled at him. :) They wouldn't let you take any pictures with him but my sister got a great candid of him signing the apple. I LOVE IT!

Once he signed the apple I said great show to the other band members and went running off to the side. AHH!! LOL How funny! I was so excited that I got to meet him say hi and get his autograph. How cool! I wonder if he's ever signed an apple before? I thought it was very original and I now have a great piece in my collection.

After we got the autographs the girls who were in front of us asked if we wanted to see the Tour Bus. We were like "YEAH!" So they walked with us around the back of the bar to where it was parked. We took pictures in front of the bus and then other people started showing up to. Obviously hoping that we would see them come out to the bus and get a picture with them.

We wait for quiet awhile and finally some of the band members came out and talked to everyone and took pictures. They seemed surprised by the amount of people that were standing there. I would say that there was 20 people or so waiting to see them or see Jackson.

Finally Jackson came out and he stood beside a van. There was a guy there with a camera so I believe he was doing an interview. The interview lasted for about 15 minutes. Meanwhile the band was hanging out talking with everyone and getting on the bus etc. Then the band went back inside the bar and Jackson turned to everyone and waved. He smiled and then went back into the bar himself.

My brother in law's friend said "I wonder if the bus is decoy and they are actually going out the front door to get into a sedan." I said "I don't know, go up front and look." If you can't tell by now I was REALLY wanting to get a picture with him. LOL I've never been to a concert and waited around by the bus to see someone but this was JACKSON RATHBONE. To me it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I did not want to miss it.

So I gave the friend my phone # and said call me if he's up front because I don't want to miss my chance. He went around the front of the bar. Everyone else stayed by the bus. Next thing I know he's calling me saying that Jackson was out front and to come quick. I grabbed the camera from my sister and went running around to the front. HAHA

When I got there he wasn't there. The friend said that he was just here but he went inside. The front doors of the bar were glass so you could see inside. I saw Jackson standing by the bar. We waited for a few minutes and then the band members came outside. They asked me if we were waiting for a cab to. I said no. Now looking back I probably should have said yes. LOL

I talked to the band and asked them how they were enjoying Florida and did they think it was hot. They said it wasn't too hot. They were just up in the North East and it was very hot. I said I know I was just up in New York and it was high 90s and in the 100s one day.

While I was standing there talking to the band, Jackson walked outside. He walked right up to me (as I was the only girl standing there) and smiled. I yet again tried to be cool but I can't say that I remember the exchange much as I went blank and speechless again. HAHA I remember saying hi to him and then this is where it was kinda awkward. Well looking back it does.

After saying hi I just froze and stood there. Then without saying anything I just looked at him and he was looking at me too. Then I somehow without saying anything went to give him a hug and it was kinda one of those half a hugs. It turned out to be something like my arm around him and my head on his shoulder and I still didn't say anything. HAHA I know weird but obviously I was in shock and didn't know what to do. He didn't say anything either...well not that I remember. It all happened very fast and the whole encounter was probably less than a minute.

After the "hug" I asked if I could take a picture and he said yes. So I got my picture with him!!! Yay!! I was a happy girl. After the picture I asked how he was enjoying Florida and he said it was nice. Then he took pictures with two other random guys that were out front and then got in the cab and we waved goodbye.

Once the cab drove away my sister by this time had arrived and she asked me "What the heck was that?" I said "I have no idea!" LOL Oh well. I tried to play it cool but apparently I wasn't that cool. That's okay it was better than being a blubbering or flustered fan talking non stop. I guess being shocked and speechless was better. Who cares right? I don't! I GOT MY PICTURE WITH HIM AND I GOT TO MEET HIM!

It was an absolutely awesome night and I had a great time. Thank you to my sister, brother in law and his friend for going with me, taking pictures, buying me a shirt and getting one of the autographs for me. I will remember this night and I am so thankful that my dream came true and I got to meet a member of the Twilight Saga cast.

Also thank you to Jackson for the great show, being cool and taking the picture and signing autographs!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Twilight Party: Bella Cake and Tulips

A Twilight Party wouldn't be complete
without a Cake and Flowers!

My two favorite handmade decorations that I made for my Twilight Party was a replica of Bella's Birthday Cake and the Red and White Tulips from New Moon.

To make my red and white tulips, I went to Jo Ann Fabrics but you can go to any craft store or place that sells silk flowers to buy yours. You just need to get white silk tulips and a red fabric paint pen.

I wanted a full bouquet so I bought several bushels of the tulips. I was lucky to get them on sale so plan ahead and watch the ads to find out when the flowers will go on sale as silks can be pricey.

The first thing that you want to do is lay out a towel on the table and place the tulips on the towel. Next use the red paint pen and draw a line down the center of EACH petal. I went slow and let the paint absorb into the fabric so that it had the bleed look and didn't just look like a line down the center. Continue to paint each petal until all the petals have been painted.

Once the petals are dry place the bushels into a glass vase. I tied a black silk ribbon around the base for an added touch. You can use red satin ribbon if you'd like to continue the Twilight theme since red is for Eclipse. However I used black since the tulips were red and white. This way they were very twi-colored - red, black and white.

For Bella’s Birthday Cake, I wanted to make the most perfect replica that I could. I've seen a lot of other ones out there most of which were real cakes but I was determined to make mine spectacular.

Since I am NOT a baker and I wanted to make a keepsake, I made my cake a craft project that was not edible. This could be something to keep and cherish forever just like a vampire! :)

My project started with another trip to the craft store, in my case Jo Ann Fabrics. I bought three different sizes of round cardboard hat boxes, white spray paint, 5 different colors of satin ribbon in shades of yellow and green, silver spray paint, wooden letters that spelled out "BELLA", red, yellow and green silk gerber daisies, brown fabric paint, and hot glue and tacky glue.

The first thing that I did was to use the white spray paint to cover the hat boxes. I used about 2 coats of paint to make a beautiful glossy white finish. While the boxes were drying, I used the silver spray paint to color the letters to spell out "BELLA". I let both dry over night.


Once all letters and boxes were dry I stacked them on top of each other to make sure that the "cake" would look great and like an actual cake. Not just a cake in my mind since I had dreamed up my Bella Cake. I was happy to see that it did look like one.

The "cake" at this point passed my inspection so it went on to the decorating stage.

Next I individually cut strips of the green and yellow satin ribbon to be the perfect length for each tier of the cake. Once all the ribbons had been cut, I individually glued each strip on to the boxes at different intervals to match the pattern and design that was on Bella's cake.

This process took HOURS and HOURS. I did each strip by hand and made sure that it was not only perfectly glued but looked most like the real cake. I had a picture of the cake in front of me as I worked. Once all the strips of ribbon were glued on each tier of the cake I let them dry overnight.

Once the cake tiers were dried, I cut off the excess ribbon from the bottom of each. The next step was to put the "cake" together.

I used tacky glue around the rim of each and stacked them on top of each other. I let them dry over night again to ensure that the cake would stay together.

The final step in making my Bella cake was to attach the "BELLA" letters to the top and the flowers.

Since the red daisies on Bella's cake had brown centers and the ones that I found had yellow I had to paint them. I used a Q-Tip and my brown fabric paint that I bought to dab brown paint over the yellow to make the centers dark. While they were drying I cut the stems from the green and yellow daises.

I looked at the picture of Bella's cake and placed the flowers in the correct place. I then used the hot glue gun to glue the flowers down. Once the red daises had dried I hot glued them down as well.

The finishing touch was to add the letters! :) Using the hot glue gun, I individually glued each letter to the top of the cake. Once the letters were attached the cake was done. :)

I stepped back to look at the finished cake for the first time and I was proud of what I had created. I had never seen a more perfect replica of it. Yes, it was not edible but it was perfect in every way.

This was not only a great replica of Bella's cake but it was a twi-tastic keepsake that could be savored for years and years. Well that's what I think anyways. I will let you be the judge.

What do you think of my Bella Cake?

 Isn't it the perfect addition to any Twilight Party?! :)

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Twilight Party Decorations

This is my third blog in the series on Dreaming up a Twilight Party. Previous blogs were on what to wear and what to put on the party menu

This blog is all about the decorations! Embrace your inner Alice and have fun with this one. I did. :) Here are some of the things that I did for my Twilight Party I hosted last August.

Once the menu was decided, I started to work on the decorations. Since everything had to be red & black or Twilight that made it easy! I went and got black table cloths to cover all the tables with. Bought red & black cups, plates, napkins, and utensils to serve the food on. I also got Eclipse party plates and napkins as an added twi-touch. Don't forget the red and black streamers and balloons so you can decorate the ceiling. I decorated the ceiling in both the family and living room. 

If you have time or can find red or white stringed lights that's also a great touch but I couldn't find them in August. However if you plan ahead buy them after Christmas when they will be on sale and save them in your party bin. You can hang them around the ceiling as well, on a mantle surrounded by framed photos, on the food table weaved throughout the platters, etc... There are lots of places to put lights that would look great.

For the more FANGTASTIC decorations it got fun!

I have four life size cutouts of the characters - Edward, Bella, Jacob and one that had all three of them from New Moon. I places them around the house and by the drink table. It was cool because it "felt" like they were there partying with us.

I also used red tinsel hearts that I got at the party store around Valentine’s Day and printed pictures from the movies and hung them inside the hearts. You just need a hole punch and fishing line since it's invisible to hang the pictures to the hearts. This way it looks like the pictures are floating inside. Very cool!

I got bags of red rose petals from the dollar store and sprinkled them everywhere. I put them on all the tables and counter tops including the dining room table, end tables in the living room, drink and food table...any place just to add a little decoration. I also got confetti at the party store in the personalized name section, I found an “Edward” and “Jacob”. I sprinkled them on the counters as well. 

Oh don’t forget to have a bowl of red apples and red satin ribbon around the room too! This represents the forbidden fruit and Eclipse ribbon.

If you really want to pay attention to detail and wow your friends like I did here's a great idea. Print out some of your favorite pictures from the movies and place them in every picture frame in your house. It's kinda of neat to look around and see the characters everywhere you look. HAHA It's almost like they are family because EVERY frame has their picture in it instead.You can put the pictures into your existing frames and/or you can get some black frames from the dollar store and put them in there.

I not only bought black ones from the dollar store but I tried to use the frames that I had at the house and choose the perfect picture to put in them. On my entertainment center I placed the four Twilight Saga books  and I used four frames and made them themed to go along with the book. Each picture represented something that happened in that book. 

For example, I used my beach frame and put a picture of Jacob and Bella on La Push beach after he saved her from cliff diving next to New Moon. I also put a picture of Edward and Bella in my engagement frame since they got engaged in Eclipse next to the Eclipse book.

Next to my entertainment center I put two pictures of Edward and Bella from biology class and after they won the golden onion next to an onion that I spray painted gold. Which later you will find out was a prize in one of my games! 

I even handmade some decorations!!  I made a welcome sign for my front door and put each letter on a cutout of an apple. I bought votive holders from the craft store and hot glued red and black SPARKLY ribbon around the tops which I placed red candles (apple scented of course) inside! The candle holders I placed ALL around the house on every surface.

If you're like me and want to go twi-crazy with the decorations feel free to let Alice loose in all areas of the house. I decorated all the main areas of the house where my friends and guest would be. The majority of the party would be in the kitchen and family room but what about the guest bathroom! Yes, I even decorated the bathroom.

I placed vases of red and pink roses along with the red rose petals around the sink. I also put the red and black sparkly votive holders with apple scented candles on the counter. I even had apple scented air freshener. I found this cool black and white checkered towel at Jo Ann Fabrics that reminded me of a chess board so I hung that on the towel rack and places a glass chess set on the counter as well.

I also replaced my butterfly frame in the bathroom with a picture of Edward and Bella in the meadow and put some more red hearts on the wall above the towel rack.

In the hallway on your way to the bathroom I had more red hearts with pictures from the movie in them. For those Team Jacob fans I put a heart with Jacob's picture in it and hung the dream catcher that Jacob gave Bella for her birthday hanging below it. :)

There are many many more decoration ideas that you can do. These are just some of the ones that I did for my party. I wanted to make sure that every place inside and out that my guest would see was twi-decorated in some way.

Lastly first impressions set the mood of the party so don't hesitate to decorate outside your house. Who cares what your neighbors think....let your guest be WOWed from the moment they pull in the driveway.

Have fun decorating!

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