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Looking back at Rob and Kristen in 2011

Here are some really cool fan videos that I found that look back and celebrate Rob and Kristen in the year 2011! :)

Can't wait for 2012! :)

Happy New Year 2012

It's New Years Eve! I hope everyone has a fun and safe time tonight ringing in the New Year!!! 

The year 2011 was fantastic.
I wish you ALL an even better 2012!!
Hope it's full of sparkle!

Happy New Year!

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Twilight Movie Filming Location Information

If you'd like to go on your own Twilight Movie Adventure below is some information about the Filming Locations that we visited on our trip and how they were used in the movie.

Thanks to Lynn my Twi-BFF from Our Twilight Corner
for being an awesome friend and the best tour guide! 
She lives in Oregon so she knows all the spots! :)

On my first visit to Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, I was truly amazed that none of the Twilight Movie was actually filmed in FORKS, WA! OREGON is the HOME of TWILIGHT (the movie). 

Most of the filming locations are in and around the Portland area. If you have the time I would set aside several days to see and experience it all. You can do it within 3 days but you need to get an EARLY start on your day!! I'm talking sun up to sun down especially if you want to make it out to Ecola State Park to walk on the beach at "La Push".

I also highly recommend having breakfast at the Carver Cafe before you head over to play on the boulders and fall in love with the lion and lamb at the Stone Cliff Inn. If you get there early you might have a chance to sit at the actual table where Kristen and Billy sat. If it's taken why not sit at the bar where Stephenie had her cameo!!

Whatever you decide to do or however much time you have it is definitely worth it!!! I have been to Forks, WA multiple times but what truly made my trip to the Pacific Northwest amazing was seeing the filming locations in Oregon!! It truly MADE Twilight seem "real" and magical!! It's an ABSOLUTE must for any Twilighter!!! Have fun!!! You should definitely add it to your bucket list.

If you'd like to see pictures from my dream trip and the filming locations you can view them here or on my Twilighters Dream Facebook Page. :)

** Twilight Movie Filming Locations **

Kalama High School
548 China Garden Road, Kalama, WA

"Exterior shots used for Forks High School, Parking lot scene, Outside Hallway Scenes, Volleyball scene in the gym, Scene where Edward follows Bella into the woods, Bella's Hospital Room
near the end and Phil at the batting cages."

Tours inside the school are sometimes welcomed but only during certain hours.
Call the front office for details, (306) 673-5212.

2735 NE 82nd Avenue, Portland, OR
"Cafeteria Scenes, Science Classroom & Some Hallways Shots near lockers."

*** UPDATED 2013: Interior Pictures***

***UPDATED September 18, 2018 - By Request of Madison High School Staff ***
Individual tours inside the school have been discontinued. 
Please do not call or visit the front office. Information about group tours will be 
announced on Facebook in the closed group page, Forever Twilight in Forks.
Please request to join the group to learn more about these upcoming tours.

Madison High School will be remodeling at the end of the 2018-2019 school year.
The cafeteria, biology classroom and hallways will all be remodeled.
If you're able to attend any announced group tours this is your last chance to see
these iconic filming locations as they will no longer exist and look the same after June 2019.

Yale Laundry Building (aka Dance Studio)
800 SE 10th Avenue, Portland, OR
"Exterior was used for the Ballet Studio where Bella went to meet James.

***UPDATED 2013: Interior Pictures***

Hoke House "Cullen House"
3333 NW Quimby Street, Portland, OR
"Interior and Exterior was used to film all scenes related to the Cullen House in Twilight.
Edward Bedroom, Kitchen, Entry Area, etc."

***UPDATED 2013: More Pictures***

Vibra Specialty Hospital
10300 NE Hancock Street, Portland, OR
**UPDATED 2013 Location**
"Forks Hospital Scenes including exam room, hallway and corner where Bella tells Edward 
she saw what he did. 'You stopped the van with your hand, you pushed it away.'"

Cullen Garage
West Linn, OR
**UPDATED 2013 Location**
'Scenes were filmed inside the garage such as The Cullens talking about the plan
 to get Bella out of town and lead the tracker away."

~ St. Helens, OR ~
*Multiple Filming Locations*
"St. Helens was used as "Port Angeles" for the movie."

251 S 1st Street, St. Helens, OR
"Hair salon was transformed and used as the dress shop where Angela, Jessica
and Bella went looking for Prom Dresses."

"Bloated Toad Restaurant"
330 S 1st Street, St. Helens, OR
"Interior and Exterior was used to film the restaurant scene where
Bella and Edward had their 'first date' and Bella ordered Mushroom Ravioli."

"Thunderbird and Whale Bookstore"
260 S 2nd Street, St. Helens, OR
"Interior and Exterior was used as the bookstore where Bella
buys the book about Quileute Legends."

Alley & Parking Lot
260 S 2nd Street, St. Helens, OR

"The alley and parking lot located outside of the attorney's office
that was used for the bookstore is where Edward
saved Bella from the group of boys."

299 S 1st Street, St. Helens, OR
"A very neat shop where Catherine Hardwicke and the wardrobe department
purchased 36 prom dresses and fairy wings to use as set decorations for the movie.

Swan House
184 S 6th Street, St. Helens, OR
"Interior and Exterior was used to film all scenes related
to Bella and Charlie's house in Twilight.
Kitchen, Bella's Bedroom,  Dining Room, Driveway, etc."

**Updated October 2018 - The house was listed and sold. A Twilight fan bought the house!**

2375 Gable Road, St. Helens, OR
"Office and Hall Scenes as well as
Edward playing the piano for Bella."

The front office has been remodeled since filming. I've been told it doesn't look the same.
Tours inside the school are sometimes welcomed but only during certain hours.
Call the front office for details, (503) 397-1900.

~ Vernonia, OR ~
*Multiple Filming Locations*
"Vernonia was used "Forks, WA" for the movie."

The whole downtown of Vernonia was transformed to become Forks, WA.
Building signs were covered to say Forks, WA and the 'Welcome to Forks'
and population sign was posted just outside of the town.

Rock Creek Bridge on Bridge Street
"The bridge that Charlie and Bella drive over when they first enter Forks."

NOTE: The bridge that Bella drives over to get to school is in
Silver Fall State Park in Oregon. Scroll down to see location.

Corner of Bridge Street and Jefferson
"The corner where Bella and Charlie first drive to in Forks
where you see the wood carvings and the logging truck
passes in front of them."

Wauna Federal Credit Union 
(aka Forks Police Station)
1010 Bridge Street, Vernonia, OR
"Interior and Exterior shots were filmed here for all
Forks Police Station scenes in Twilight."

Silver Falls State Park
20024 Silver Falls Highway SE, Sublimity, Oregon 97385
**UPDATED 2012 & 2013 Location**

"Multiple scenes were shot here. The opening scene from Edward catches the deer. The "Spider Monkey" climbing tree. Forest and scenic shots. Bridge Bella drives over to go to school. Finally the hillside that Edward runs up with Bella on his back."

Indian Beach (aka "La Push First Beach")
Ecola State Park off Hwy 101, Cannon Beach, OR
"Scenes were filmed in the parking lot when Bella, Jessica, Angela and the gang went
surfing and whale watching. Bella and Jacob also walked on the beach talking
about Quileute legends and the 'old scary story.'"

Clackamas Community College
19600 Molalla Avenue, Oregon City, OR
"Greenhouse scene and location of the field trip
Edward and Bella go on during science class."

When standing in the parking lot facing the greenhouses the one used
 for filming is on the far right, Greenhouse #2.

Blue Heron Paper Company
419 Main Street, Oregon City, OR
"Scene where James, Victoria and Laurent
killed the guard at the mill."

Carver Cafe (aka The Diner)
16471 S.E. Highway 224, Damascus, OR
"Interior and Exterior was used to film the diner scenes
where Charlie and Bella ate steak and cobbler.
Stephenie Meyer also had a cameo sitting at the counter."

The Stone Cliff Inn
17900 S. Clackamas River Drive, Oregon City, OR
"Scene where the lion fell in love with the lamb,
Edward reveals himself in the sunlight,
Edward tells Bella she is his own personal brand of heroin, etc."

Columbia River Gorge
Visited the Vista House & Viewpoint in Corbett, OR
"Background shots were filmed overlooking the river and forest."

Multnomah Falls
50000 E. Historic Columbia River Highway, Corbett, OR
"Waterfall in the background of the Baseball Scene. Other scenes were shot here
but were cut from the movie."

The View Point Inn
40301 East Lurch Mountain Road, Corbett, OR
"Location of the Prom Scene at the end of the movie."

You can still visit and take pictures from the outside. However there is a lot of overgrowth
and structure unstable from the damage. The future of the Inn and any rebuilding
is not known at this time.

September 2013

The Monte Carlo Arch from the Prom has been moved to Leppell's Twilight Central in Forks, WA.
You can see and take pictures under the arch there.

 "Jacob Black" from the Olympic Coven for Stephenie Meyer Day

Cape Horn (Nancy Russell) Overlook
570 Strunk Road, Washougal, WA

**UPDATED 2013 Location**

The lookout where filming occurred is located along the Cape Horn Trail.
We used the address listed above in our GPS to get to the closest place
where we could park and walk the trail.

At the end of Strunk Road is a large field and a green gate with day use access.
You can park there and then walk down the dirt road until you see a sign for the trail.
Follow the trail down to the circular rock lookout overlooking the Gorge.

"Scenes of the River Gorge and Edward and Bella in the tree tops "

When looking down towards the circular lookout, the tree Edward and Bella
were in is on the left and it has a wooden marker.

"The Shire"
Milepost 28/29 Washington Highway 14
Washougal, WA
**UPDATED 2013 Location**

John Yeon Preserve for Landscape Studies
Owned by the University of Oregon

We were lucky enough to take a tour with the caretaker during the
University of Oregon's Summer 2013 Public Tours! He showed us all the hot spots!

"The Shire" is home to the famous Twilight Baseball Field!
However that is not the only scene that was filmed here.

"Victoria looking down at Charlie when he was tracking."

"Where Charlie was tracking and found the human foot print."

"Where Edward and Bella sat under the canopy of trees when it was raining."
It is not as overgrown as it was during filming.

"Where Edward and Bella sat at the waterside discussing his family and other vampires."

"Where Edward, Emmett and Rosalie where leading James the Tracker
away, "Rosalie mark the tree."'
Last and certainly not least.... THE BASEBALL FIELD!!!

"Emmett's Tree"

"It's time..." And yes we did play a little mock baseball!!

If you're interested in visiting "The Shire" during one of the Public Tours be sure to check 
for information of when they are having them. 
They have had them several times over the past few years.

Bridge of the Gods
Old Highway 30, Cascade Locks, OR
**UPDATED 2013 Location**

"Charlie and Bella drive over the bridge to get to Forks. (Movie Only)"

Artisan Jewelry
The owner and platinumsmith created the
Cullen Family Crest and original jewelry for the movie.
**UPDATED 2013 Location**

310 SW 4th Ave. Suite #820, Portland, OR 
Downtown Portland Office where the original designers office is located.

We got to talk to him during our visit and he sent us to the shop
in White Salmon so we could see the actual jewelry!

137 East Jewett Blvd, White Salmon, WA 

The original handcrafted Cullen Family Crest jewelry can be seen and purchased
from their shop. The display includes all Cullen family pieces including
an engagement ring design that Kristen wore for one day of filming
 but was not used in the movie.

Oxbow Regional Park
3010 SE Oxbow Parkway, Gresham, OR
"Say It Out Loud Scene where Bella tells Edward
she knows what he is."

"Where are we going? Up the mountain. Out of the cloud bank.
You need to know what I look like in the sunlight."

I will be going back and visiting more locations on my next trip to Oregon and Washington in the Fall of 2014. Check back for updates and more information on locations. :)

*** DISCLAIMER: Some of these filming locations are schools and actual residences that are lived in and are private property. Please be respectful and do not trespass. Pictures from the street are acceptable. Some other locations are within National Parks and open to the public. ***

On April 11, 2012, a fellow Twilighter, Julie, went on her own filming location adventure using this blog. This is what she had to say about her experience:

Feel free to share your thoughts
and comments anytime. I'd love to hear! :)