Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Third Bedroom and Bathroom

Damask is my MUSE!! It's amazing that one little bed in a bag has inspired me to decorate my house!!! Some might say FINALLY!! We have been here for 3 years and I really haven't done much with each room other that put out the things that I had in our old house. 

However just recently I found an awesome bedspread at Ross and re-did my guest room

I loved it so much that I decided it was time to re-do my bathroom and third bedroom. I already have a theme in mind for the third bedroom which is the future nursery but since I won't be having any newborns in the near future I thought I would TWI it out now. LOL

Today after work I went on a power shopping spree to like 9 different stores and finally found everything that I wanted. I was so excited that the ink of the receipt had hardly dried before I ripped open the packaging and put everything out. 

Here is my third bedroom:

Purchased at Ross

And my new guest bathroom!! Everything was purchased at Walmart, Target and Ross. :)

I absolutely love it!!!! I can't wait to have company!! Luckily my sister is coming to visit this weekend and then my brother and sister in law and our nephews are coming at the beginning of September. Woohoo!! I get to show off my newly decorate rooms. :)

Updated: 8/17/12
I got more accessories and towels for the bathroom!! :)