Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's so common you can Google it!

While my friends and I were watching Twilight and Bella was doing her "Google" search that gave us a thought. If you Googled it, what would you find?

Have you ever thought about it? Have you Googled it? What did you find?

GOOGLE: Cold One

I found a Apotamkin: The Cold One of Egypt named link just like Bella and this took me to a personal blog.

GOOGLE: Quileute Legends

When searching Quileute Legends I found this link which said:

Are the "Cold Ones" from Twilight a real Quileute legend?

No. There are no Quileute legends about "Cold Ones" or other vampires. Stephenie Meyer, the author of the "Twilight" books, has stated that she made this fictional vampire legend up herself and only had her Quileute character tell it for the purposes of her plot. However, she did base other parts of her books on real Quileute mythology. For example, it is true that according to legend the Quileute tribe is descended from wolves who were changed into men. Even the tribal name "Quileute" comes from their word for wolf, Kwoli.

Try it out just like Bella did and see what you find. It's kinda interesting!


  1. This is funny b/c I have done this before.. ha ha I love it! Don't all Twilighter's google, jump from cliffs and trees in order to run with wolves and sparkle with Vamps like Bella did??? =0)

  2. the book of quileute legends is called QUILEUTE STORIES CRAFTS AND ARTS . The page is false it was only a video and she only do clicks.
    Quileute legends page (do not exist but here is the book store)
    The Cold One Page (this page exist but the information is also a video)

    hope I help you :)