Thursday, June 30, 2011

*Exclusive* First Look at Hallmark Eclipse Ornament


Twilighters Dream has your
at the ACTUAL ornament!

Introducing Hallmark's 2011
"Bella, Edward and Jacob"
from our Keepsake Ornament collection!

This ornament will be available
at your local Hallmark Gold Crown Store
beginning Ornament Premiere weekend!

Saturday, July 16th
Sunday, July 17th

The ornament retails for $19.95 USD.

Who's getting one? Or two?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Need to relax, take a Twi-Bath!

So the other night I had a great idea and I wanted to share with you . . .

I had a very long week and my feet were killing me from being on them so much. I was looking for a way to relax, de-stress and make my feet feel better so I thought I'd take a nice relaxing soak in the tub!

To make the atmosphere more comfortable and enjoyable I twilified my bath which I now call a Twi-Bath. LOL

I put candle holders all around the tub and lite apple scented candles. I also put some nice pink and red roses in the corner of the tub for a little decoration.

I filled the tub with some nice hot water and added lavender scented bath salt. Lavender because not only is it relaxing but it's one of the scents that Edward described for Bella's scent.

To help relax more and unwind I enjoyed a nice glass of Vampire Wine. Instead of using glass I drank it out of a styrofoam cup. How Breaking Dawn Bella of me. LOL

I thought the bath couldn't be more fun and relaxing until my husband brought his laptop into the bathroom and had a playlist of Twilight songs cued up for me. How sweet! The first song playing was Bella's lullaby. I loved it! Very thoughtful. :)

Twi-Bath Playlist
Bella's Lullaby - Carter Burwell (Twilight)
Full Moon - Black Ghost (Twilight)
Eyes on Fire - Blue Foundation (Twilight)
Never Think - Robert Pattinson (Twilight)
Let Me Sign - Robert Pattinson (Twilight)
Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine (Twilight)
Possibility - Lykke Li (New Moon)
Satelitte Heart - Anya Marina (New Moon)
Rosyln - Bon Iver & St. Vincent (New Moon)
Slow Life - Grizzly Bears (New Moon)
No Sound but the Wind - Editor (New Moon)
The Meadow - Alexandre Desplat (New Moon)
Heavy in Your Arms - Florence and the Machine (Eclipse)
My Love - Sia (Eclipse)
Let's Get Lost - Beck and Bat for Lashes (Eclipse)
Life on Earth - Band of Horses (Eclipse)

I have to say this was one of the most relaxing and enjoyable soaks in the tub I've had. Who's up for taking their own Twi-Bath? Hope you relax and enjoy. :)

The Breaking Dawn Official Teaser Trailer

It's time, it's FINALLY time . . .
the moment we've all waited for!

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