Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vampire Dress Up App

While I was looking through the app store I came across this app called "Vampire Dress Up". I thought I would check it out since the two characters seemed to be modeled after Twilight and Edward & Bella. Not to mention the app was FREE for iPad and iPhone. Free is good! :)

Once I downloaded the app there was no doubt it is geared towards Twilight Fans. The two characters you get to "dress up" are Edward and Bella. 

There are two different versions of each...everyday and wedding. However I haven't figured out yet how to get the wedding ones yet.

It is pretty neat that while you are playing the app they have instrumental music from the movies playing. During the intro they play Bella's Lullaby. 

When you are "dressing" Edward they play "My Love" by Sia from the Eclipse Soundtrack. 

When you are "dressing" Bella they play "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri from Breaking Dawn Part 1 Soundtrack.

The app is very limited and you can't do much but it is designed for kids. However it's kinda fun to play with the "paper doll" Edward and Bella and change around their clothes. Something I haven't done since I was little.

They have various outfits from the movie for the characters and some of Bella's outfits are ones that Kristen Stewart has worn during different magazine photo shoots. 

Also the outfits are some that Hilly wore in The Hillywood Show's Eclipse Parody. :)

If you're interested in downloading the app just check out the app store.

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