Saturday, March 17, 2012

Challenge from Emmett Cullen

Recently the Stephenie Meyer Day website was updated with a preliminary schedule of events. Also on the website was a blog from Travis who is cast to play the Emmett Cullen look a like this year.

In that blog is a challenge!!!

The challenge is to Arm Wrestle Emmett Cullen

Arm Wrestle Emmett Cullen

So, it has come to my attention that one Miss soon-to-be-wed Bella Swan is under the delusional impression that she will be stronger than me after she is turned. She also claims she will beat me in an arm wrestling match. This will never happen…in any shape, form or fashion…ever!
I refuse to acknowledge this idea in any way, even when Edward finally gets over his little guilt trip and turns her. If she WERE to beat me it would be a fluke anyway. My record stands undefeated and will remain so; regardless of Ms. Swan’s mortal/immortal status!
That having been said, at this year’s SMD, I challenge ANY Newborn, human, wolf, or purple alien to an arm wrestling match!
Any Takers? Meet me on Spartan Avenue Saturday, September 15, 2012 at 11:00am (just before the group photo shoot) to try your luck!

~Emmett Cullen                      (Source:

I have always enjoyed a good challenge especially one that is as fun as this one. So.....

I am publicly announcing that I accept the challenge to Arm Wrestle Emmett Cullen in Forks, WA during Stephenie Meyer Day 2012!

I now have renewed motivation that will keep me going to the gym. I need to get Fit 4 Forks and be on my "A-Game" as they say. Yay!!! Let the training begin!!

I will also have my good friends from Our Twilight Corner there as witness and support as I take Emmett down!

Oh yes! He is going down! This is not personal it's business. LOL You better watch out Emmett! It's on! 

I'll see you on Spartan Avenue!


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