Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Hillywood Show's Autograph

Yay!!! Look what came in the mail today!!! My autograph picture from Hilly and Hannah of The Hillywood Show!! 

I sent the girls a tweet to let them know I got it and they tweeted back. Double Yay!! :)

I received the picture because I donated a certain amount towards The Breaking Dawn Parody. With the donation I received the autographed picture and my name in the credits. Check it out!!!

This is my second autograph I have from Hannah and Hilly. The first one I got last year during my dream trip to Forks. Our Twilight Corner and I ran into them at the Treaty Line in La Push.

If you haven't watched The Hillywood Show's Breaking Dawn Parody watch it now!! Love these girls! They keep the sparkle alive! :)

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