Monday, March 5, 2012

A Uniform Fit for a Hunger Games Tribute

Before I went to Forks for Stephenie Meyer Day last year I bought these awesome black boots. They are usually NOT something I would wear but I totally had this outfit in mind for the St. Marcus Day Party. 

I found this dress at Ross and it reminded me of a sexier version of Bella's Honeymoon Dress that Alice would totally approve of. This dress paired with the boots was the perfect Sexy Vampire Bella outfit. So I rocked it out!!!

Since SMD I have not worn the boots again. Some might say that's a shame to keep these boots in the closet but like I said they are not something I would normally wear. 

However the idea came to me... at the end of the month The Hunger Games is coming out in theaters and I could totally rock the boots again! I could see a tribute wearing them...can't you!! LOL

What do you think?

Are they District approved?

I was so excited that I got District 12 when I registered as a Citizen of Panem on The Hunger Games Facebook Page. I just HAD to order the personalized accessories from Cafe Press. :) They came in the mail today!! Yay!!! 

I got the District 12 Tribute Journal and my ID card.

I also ordered a personalized t-shirt from Cafe Press. 

So along with the t-shirt, boots and my mockingjay pin that I got at Hot Topic my tribute uniform is complete!

Here is my tribute uniform that I put together and will be wearing to the movie premiere on March 23rd.

LOVE IT! :) I can't wait!



  1. what's on the back of the district id?

  2. how do you get two lines of text on the notebook?

  3. The backside of the District ID Card has my Citizen Number and Barcode on it. The notebook I ordered through Cafe Press and there was the option to personalize it so I added my name. The Citizen Number automatically printed on it which I linked in through my Facebook. :)