Monday, November 21, 2011

Bella's Wedding Dress

Bella's Wedding Dress will soon be available for purchase! Wouldn't it be so awesome to walk down the aisle in her dress? I love it and would love to re-new my vows in this dress. It is absolutely gorgeous. 

I will be checking with my local Alfred Angelo to see when they will be receiving this dress. I can't wait to check it out in person! See it, try it on, take pictures and IF I'm lucky enough buy my own! Yay!!! *crossing fingers*

Here are some pictures from the Alfred Angelo website. Carolina Herrera designed an absolutely flawless dress that is breathtaking! The dress retails for $999.00. Bella looked so gorgeous walking down the aisle as a Bride to join hands with her Groom forever!

A wedding dress wouldn't be complete without the PERFECT shoes! You can also buy your own pair of Bella's Wedding Shoes at Neiman Marcus. They are VERY pricey!!! But absolutely gorgeous.

The shoes retail for $1,295.00. They're are more than the dress! I think I would go for the reception look where Bella wore white tennis shoes. They are super comfy and in true K. Stew fashion! Now if I had a ton of twi-cash stashed then I would think about getting them BUT this Twilighter will keep Dreaming!!! :)

One piece of Bella's Wedding attire that I already have which is my new favorite piece of my Twilight Collection  is her hair comb. I absolutely love this. You can find it at Hot Topic for $28.00. For costume jewelry this is a very well made piece. I love it! I wore it to the Midnight Premiere of Breaking Dawn!

For now I will enjoy my hair comb and keep dreaming about Bella's dress and shoes. Remember Twilighters Dreams Do Come True so who know's what the future will bring! :)


  1. Just love this post !! I found it on the web looking for inspiration on Bella´s AMAZING DRESS !! That was design for all the most talented women in the world and from VENEZUELA, Carolina Herrera !!

    Kisses from Venezuela, hope you are ok and THANKS !!

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