Thursday, November 3, 2011

15 Days til Breaking Dawn

"If I did the easy thing now, 
let the black nothingness erase me, 
I would hurt them. Edward. Edward. 
My life and his were twisted into a single strand.
 Cut one, and you cut both. If he were gone, 
I would not be able to live through that. 
If I were gone, he wouldn’t like through it, either. 
And a world without Edward seemed
completely pointless. Edward had to exist.
Jacob – who’d said goodbye to me
over and over but kept coming back
when I needed him. 
Jacob, who I’d wounded so many times
it was criminal. 
Would I hurt him again, in the worst way yet?
 He’d stayed for me, despite everything. 
Now all he asked was that I stay for him."

Bella Cullen, Breaking Dawn, Chapter 19, p.373

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