Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another Twilight Adventure in Florida

My sister's birthday was on Monday 11/7 and she's been in town visiting for the weekend. On our way to my parents house for the birthday celebration I took a slight detour. There was this Twilight related street that I've been wanting to check out for awhile but hadn't made it there yet. How funny! My sister didn't know that heading to my parents house would turn into a little Twilight adventure.

We only took about a 7 mile detour from my parents house. I was super excited to find this street.... Eclipse!! 

Yay! Now I've found Twilight and Eclipse in my neck of the woods. Still hunting for a New Moon and Breaking Dawn. Although I'd be happy and settle for a Dawn. LOL

After taking a picture at Eclipse Street we headed to my parents. On the way there I freaked when I saw another street as we were passing it. We were running a little late getting there so I didn't want to take anymore time by doing a U-turn and heading back for a picture but silently inside I was already planning when I would head back for the picture. HAHA

Once we got to my parents house my mom said that we would be getting take out. I was super excited because this provided me with the opportunity to go back. I said 'I'll pick it up!' LOL My mom took the ride with me so we could pick up the food for dinner and the cake.

On the way back from the store I made a right turn and she said 'I didn't know you went this way.' I said 'Well there's this street that I wanted to get a picture of.' She said 'Oh is it Edward Ave.' HAHA I said 'No I already got a picture of that.' How funny is that!

She even told me that she thought of me the other day when she passed Bella Court and thought about taking a picture of it and sending it to me. She didn't know that I was already hunting down Twilight related streets. LOL I told her that I already got that one and took the cut outs for a ride. She just laughed and laughed. She's used to my quirkiness and personality so it didn't surprise her.

The second street that I found today was Carlisle Avenue. I've passed this street so many times before going to my parents house in the past but never noticed it before. Now that I am looking through and seeing the world through Twilight glasses as my Twi-BFF Lynn from Our Twilight Corner says this street holds a new meaning for me. It's not just another street. HAHA

I told my husband that I have a new fondness for Stop Signs now. HAHA :) Some might think this is sad but hey I'm a million miles away from Forks so I have to get my twi-fix somehow. Only a Twilighter could understand it right! :) Twilight makes us do fun and crazy thing.

Head over to Twilighters Dream on Facebook and see all the pieces of Twilight that I've found in my NECK of the woods in my series called "Twilight in Florida". 

Please feel free to share any pieces of Twilight you find near you. I love to see new finds! :)

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