Monday, October 17, 2011

Shopping at Hot Topic

Well today was a very Forkish day in Florida. :) All day and I mean ALL day long it has been overcast, cloudy, wet and rainy out. I love it. It totally made me felt like the Cullen's were out and about. ;) 

So what's a girl to do when it's rainy out and she hasn't seen the vamps yet . . . she goes SHOPPING. Well that's definitely what Jessica would do so I guess I had a Jessica moment. HAHA

After work I took a trip to the mall and holy crow did I hit the *JACKPOT* at Hot Topic. They just received a shipment of merchandise and I went a little twi-crazy.

Thank goodness I had already spent a lot of money there because I earned a 15% off your purchase coupon that I've been saving for when the good stuff comes in. hehe I definitely went crazy but it was so much fun and I love all the new additions to my collection.

I bought four t-shirts (3 for me and 1 for my Secret Twilight Sister). One of the shirts I got was the Teaser Trailer shirt and I received a FREE Edward Lanyard with it. I already have this shirt but I just had to have the lanyard and they only give them to you with the t-shirt so I got another one. Trust me I tried to buy 1 each of the lanyards but they said no. Hey, doesn't hurt to try right! ;)

The other two shirts I got had Edward & Bella on the front and then one with Edward, Bella & Jacob. I love them both. There was this really cool grey shirt that had all the Cullen's on it but they didn't have my size so I will have to go back.

I also got an Edward book mark, Breaking Dawn sticker and rubber bracelet with feathers on it. I even picked up a few Jacob things for my Secret Twilight Sister to send with her reveal gift in November. :)

Jacob items not pictured as they are a SECRET! :)
Two of the items that I absolutely love are the Music Box which plays Bella's lullaby and Bella's Hair Comb from the wedding. The jewelry box is cool. It has a place for rings, a couple sections and a drawer for more goodies. I have the New Moon jewelry box but my Twi-Jewelry collection has grown so I needed another box. 

The Hair Comb is so awesome that it will have
a separate blog just for that. :)

I posted more pictures on Facebook so check them out.

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