Monday, October 24, 2011

Forks Challenge Online Winner

Back in September we had the Forks Challenge Online and the winner from Twilighters Dream was Marina Flores. She lives all the way in Singapore and her prize just arrived last Friday. 

Here are some pictures that she took
opening her prize. I LOVE IT. 
Thanks for sharing Marina.

Note card included in the package

Her Prize was a Splash of Forks Rail Vial Necklace
Forks Rain Vial Necklace from I Need a Splash of Forks 
Wonder what's inside?

Each necklace comes with a Certificate of Authenticity

I also included a couple surprises that
Marina didn't know about!!! :)

Surprise #1 - Stephenie Meyer Comic Book

Surprise #2 - Hallmark 'Bella, Edward & Jacob' Hallmark Ornament
Link to Ornament

Congratulations Again Marina
& Thank You for Sharing!!
I hope you enjoy your prizes! :)


  1. Yay!!! Congratulations again!!! Whoop whoop. It's so cool to see a larger photo of you Marina!!!!! So glad you sent these to Lisa!!! You may be very very far away, but Facebook brings us all closer together!!! :)

  2. I had to comment again simple b/c I think this is the coolest thing ever! Forks was fun and to be able to include all our fans on facebook even the very, very far away ones is just fangtastic! Nice work Lisa for doing this! Yay Marina!