Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Immortal Perfume

Guess what I got in the mail yesterday!? My new Immortal Perfume from Twilight Beauty. :)

I have to say that I absolutely loooovvveee the packaging. The box has pictures of Edward and Bella on it. Yay! Super cute. I would almost just buy the perfume for the box. HAHA 

Well I didn't buy the perfume just for the box but I did buy it because it's a Twilight perfume called "Immortal". How cool is that? The box was just an added bonus. :)

I've never really been one to buy something without seeing it in person first. Especially a perfume because I don't like a lot of floral scents. They usually give me a headache. So I was a little nervous to order it without smelling it. I figured if anything it would be a great addition to my collection if I didn't like the scent.

My friend Lynn from Our Twilight Corner had also bought the perfume around the same time that I did. She received hers first and wrote a blog about it. I was happy that she reviewed it as "a very light, sweet red wine. It has the kind of smell that feels liked Edward or Carlisle are wrapping their strong arms around me!" After reading that I was looking forward to receiving mine.

Once the box arrived and I opened it, I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it! It is a very LIGHT smell with a hint of sweetness too it. I totally agree with Lynn and understand why she thought it made her fell like Edward and Carlisle were wrapping their arms around her.

The scent is very light and makes me think about how Bella would smell to Edward with her irresistible scent of soft lavender and sweet freesia. I don't think the perfume is very floral or smells like lavender and freesia but I get the soft and sweet part for sure.

I am definitely glad that I purchased this perfume. It will make me feel irresistible each time I wear it like I am waiting for Edward. HAHA Too fun! I will be wearing it to the Breaking Dawn Premiere for sure.

If you'd like to get your own bottle of the Immortal perfume you can order it online from Twilight Beauty. They are having a special that you save $2.00 off if you order before Breaking Dawn comes out on November 18th.

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  1. This is wonderful perfume. Next to Victoria Secrets PINK it’s my favorite! I bought two and I love it! However, I could be thinking it smells like EC so this could be why I love it even more,… ha ha Yes, very soft and sweet, but personally don’t want to think about how Bella would smell to Edward.. tee hee I like to think about him and him only when I have this one.. ha ha I am soooooooooo gonna stock up on it though for sure!

  2. My partner bought me this perfume for Xmas last year. I loved it so much I told him I better be getting some more this year.