Monday, October 24, 2011

Secret Twilight Sister - Clue #1

Today my "Pre-figure Out Who I Am" Gift arrived in the mail and I have to say that I totally didn't get it! LOL Wait let me explain.

I got home from work and waiting for me was a package. I immediately got excited and couldn't wait to open it. I knew it was from my STS. Inside the package was a copy of both Breathless and Deathless by Scott Prussing. I have really been wanting to check out these books but just haven't gotten around to ordering them yet. (If you'd like to order go to Scott's website.) I was so happy that she sent me copies.

However I got confused if they really were from her or not because there was no note inside the envelope. I doubled checked to make sure and sure enough there was nothing. I knew they had to be from someone that knew me because they had my address but was a little stumped.

I knew from checking out the Breathless Fampires Facebook page that Scott Prussing often signed copies of his books.

So I opened the cover of Breathless and there was nothing. HAHA No clue to who sent them. I set the books aside and went online. But not without taking pictures first of course!

I went online and did my usual checking of emails and Facebook. I also uploaded the picture of my recent package and tagged The TwiHard Diet in my post which said:

"I got a special surprise in the mail today! I believe it is from my Secret Twilight Sister! Yay! So exciting!! Can't wait to check out these books!"

A little while later I got a message and text from Cami Faith who is an admin on THD which said, "Look inside the cover of your books!" I replied, "I looked inside Breathless earlier but didn't see anything." 

Then I thought, I checked inside Breathless but didn't look inside Deathless and she did say BOOKS. So I got the book out to see if there was anything inside that cover.


HAHAHA I feel like such a dork! I totally didn't look inside both books. I only looked in the Breathless because it's Scott's first book. How funny is that? I was totally looking for a note to let me know who it was from and there were three places to look. I only looked in two of them. :)

Now that I know the books are from my STS and this is my "Pre-Figure Out Who I Am" Gift - I have my FIRST CLUE!

Here is what the inscription says:


Since the time is coming soon that I will reveal who I am, I thought it fitting to send you the second half of the AMAZING Blue Fire Saga, and to let you know I have a character in the book and I am in the Golden Circle.

Lots of Love,
Your STS

Once you turn the page there is a list of everyone's names who are in the Golden Circle.

Within this list is the NAME of
MY Secret Twilight Sister!

I am SUPER DUPER EXCITED because now I have it NARROWED DOWN! But there are soooooo many names on this list that I recognize and know. Even the name(s) of those who I thought it might be.

Yay! Could I be right? OME! That would be exciting! I guess we will have to wait and see. EEK!!!! I can't wait! I will TOTALLY tell you and HER if I guessed RIGHT!

Stay tuned .  . .

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  1. The acknowledgement of the Golden Circle is very, very cool of Scott! Kudos to him big time! Thanks Lisa for Sharing this! Hope you find out soon who your STS is.. tee hee I think I know though.. ha ha Not telling you!