Monday, October 17, 2011

Bella's Hair Comb

During my shopping spree at Hot Topic today
I found Bella's Hair Comb!

I have to tell you that it is absolutely gorgeous and is probably my FAVORITE and most TREASURED item in my entire collection. I know! Can you believe it?

I can't believe after 3 movies (so far) and all the merchandise that has come out and we've all collected this is my favorite! And you all know how many items we all have in our collection! 

Actually I can believe this is my favorite and I'd say after you see it a lot of you would agree with me. It's gorgeous! It's also very well made as far as costume jewelry goes. 

Yes I know it's not real and it is just metal but it doesn't LOOK cheap or fake like a lot of the other costume jewelry that NECA has made. Don't get me wrong I love it all and have a TON of the jewelry but this is just GORGEOUS! There's no other word for it. Well actually there is *SPARKLY*. HAHA

The comb comes in a cardboard box with Bella on it and the words Breaking Dawn and a picture of the comb. Inside that box is a blue velvet box that contains the comb. Once you open the velvet box the bottom is lined with velvet and the comb is resting on it. A satin blue ribbon is tied around the comb to keep it in place.

The comb has some weight to it so it's not light and breakable. It's sturdy and its covered with sparkly blue and white rhinestones. The comb also has a good amount of "teeth" so it fits securely in your hair which of course I put it in my hair right away. I tried to take a picture of the back of my head to show you so that was fun!

Let me know what you think of the comb and if you will be adding it to your collection. The comb can be purchased at Hot Topic for $28.00.

I posted more pictures on Facebook so head over and take a look. 

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  1. My HT does not have it and may not get it in.. .boo hoo…. I guess I will have to wait for a sale and head on in to Portland, Oregon some weekend and see if the “BIG” city has one for me to take home and put in Our Twilight Corner… ha ha I think it’s pretty though… Love it!