Sunday, October 30, 2011

100th BLOG

For my 100th blog, I thought I would take you on a short journey through a Twilighters Dream. :)

I started my blog on March 26, 2011 as a place where I could post, talk and share my love of Twilight with other Twilighters who shared the same love for the beloved characters Edward, Bella & Jacob.

One of the first blogs I wrote was about Dreaming up a Twilight Party. In August 2010 I hosted my first Twilight Party which was awesome. I have shared ideas on how to host your own party as well as the pictures and video from that night.

I have also blogged about my Twilight Adventures where I found Twilight in my neck of the woods. I have also challenged you to find pieces of Twilight near you.

Since then there have been numerous blogs on various Twilight related things and blogs about adding twi-treasures to my Twilight Collection

One huge highlight this year was meeting Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) at the 100 Monkeys Concert in Tampa, FL. OMJ! That was awesome!!! I had so much fun and could NOT believe that I got to see him in person, meet him, get his autograph and a HUG!!!!! YAY!!! Read all about the concert here and look through all the pictures. :)

Most recently I have shared with you my Ultimate DREAM COME TRUE when I went on the trip of a lifetime to Forks, WA and the beautiful Northwest.

I got to see, take pictures and go twi-crazy in the real town of ForksLa Push and Port Angeles. I also got to visit a lot of the filming locations from the movie Twilight. I have posted several albums but there are still a TON of pictures that I haven't posted yet. I will get to them. I promise the best ones are yet to come.

Not only did I get to go on my dream trip but I got to share and experience it all with some of the wonderful ladies from my sister pages (Our Twilight Corner & Pure Twilight ) and my Twi-BFF, Lynn from Our Twilight Corner.

Anna, Lisa (ME), Angie, Savanna, Olivia & Lynn
None of us had ever met in person until they picked me up at the airport in Portland, OR. Of course Lynn and I had talked, emailed, Facebooked, Skyped, Texted, etc on thousands of occasions but never in person.

Just a couple of TwiBFFs blogging and Facebooking :)

I have to say this was one of the best experiences of my life and sharing it with Lynn, Savanna, Olivia, Anna and Angie made it so much more complete. It was truly EPIC and I will cherish every memory!

This brings us up to the current day where now I am dreaming and blogging about the Countdown to Breaking Dawn which is only 18 days away!!! I am super excited just like all of you.

In just 1 day my girls, Gaby and Khara, and I will be heading to the theater where Twilight Saga Tuesdays will begin. Yippie!! We get to see Edward's sexy self on the big screen yet again with the movie based on the book that started it all. 

I am REALLY looking forward to this because I have not watched Twilight since I went to all the filming locations in Oregon in September. I know shame on me for not watching it sooner but I guess you could say I was waiting for 11/1/11. :)

I hope you have all enjoyed following along while I've shared my dreams with you. I'm sure a lot of our dreams are the same because we share the same love. Just remember that Twilighters Dreams Do Come True so keep dreaming because if you dream long and hard enough yours too will come true.

Which brings me to MY NEXT DREAM. I would LOVE to open my own store in the beautiful Northwest. I found this awesome empty space in St. Helens, Oregon which is right off the alley from the parking lot where Edward saved Bella.

What do you think? Perfect for a Twilight Cafe and Lounge with a gift shop? What do you say Lynn - partners? HAHA I don't think our hubby's would share our excitement for this adventure but hey Twilighters can dream right?

Check out Twilighters Dream on Facebook to see the pictures from my Forks Trip and for a SNEAK PEEK at the Twilight filming location pictures that I will be posting soon. Also check out some Twi-Fun in the Northwest with Our Twilight Corner.

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  1. I think opening up our own shop is a FANGTASTIC idea!!! Now we just need to win the lottery! At least we have Forks to dream about and look forward to each and every year we can make it and they will have us. Miss you my TWIBFF! =0)

    Just make sure you always are KEEPIN THE SPARKLE ALIVE!!! =0)