Saturday, April 30, 2011

Twilighters Dream Birthday Challenge

In celebration of my birthday on Friday, May 6th and Rob's Birthday on Friday, May 13th, I've decided to make the Twilighters Dream Challenge a little more fun by turning it into a game with winners and prizes!

Here are the details of the challenge should you choose to accept it:

We all have a little bit of Twilight in our neck of the woods whether we notice it or not. I challenge you to find those special places and take a picture. It can be anything from a street name, a place, person, car... ANYTHING that reminds you of Twilight. Remember the more original the "treasure" you find the better chance to win!

Here are some examples that I have found near me.


Once you take the picture email it to me at 

Be sure to include the following information along with your picture. Copy and Paste if it's easier to remember.

1. Your name
2. Where you live? State or Country? (so we know where these little corners are)
3. What's in the picture?
4. How does this reminds you of Twilight?
5. Which Team Are You? Team Edward or Team Jacob?

I will reply to your email when I receive it so you know that I got it. :)

The challenge will begin on Sunday, May 1st and will end on Tuesday, May 10th. This gives you 10 days to find all those little places of Twilight in your neck of the woods and email them to me by 11:59 pm EST on the 10th.

On Wednesday, May 11th, I will post all the pictures for you to vote on your favorite. The TWO US pictures and ONE International picture that get the most "likes" will WIN. That's right we will have three winners! Voting will be open for at least 48 hours so ALL our friends will get a chance to vote for their favorites. Voting ends at 11:00 am EST on the 13th.

The winners will be announced on Friday, May 13th! That's Rob's Birthday! :)

Don't forget to email your photo(s) and the five questions listed above to Please don't post them on the Facebook page. Thanks!

You may submit more than one photo but you cannot be the winner of both prizes. This way its fair and fun for all. :)


*Prizes have been announced! 
There will be one US Team Edward, one US Team Jacob & one International Winner!*

Check them out here.

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  1. Yay you won Lisa...=)