Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bella Bucks

Have you ever done a great job at work or went out of your way to do something nice and it went unnoticed? Just a simple "thank you" or "great job" from your boss would have been nice to know that you are appreciated! Well I do!

I always make sure that I give my staff (or TEAM members) feedback, compliments and acknowledge when they've done something good. If they increase their sales goal, get a compliment from a customer, or go above and beyond what is expected then they get BELLA BUCKS! Bella Bucks are money that they can use in the store towards their employee purchases.

Wouldn't it be cool though if it was REAL MONEY that we could use on a daily basis?!?! How awesome would that be. I'd love to carry around a wallet full of Bella's. It would definitely show how popular and how far and wide the Twilight fandom has spread. Move over Lincoln and Washington, here comes Bella! LOL

I also use Bella Bucks as personal motivation to get myself to the gym! I can then "cash" them in and buy more Twilight stuff!! LOL It works for me! :)

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