Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hallmark's Eclipse Ornament for 2011!!

I have a Hallmark EXCLUSIVE here for you!!!!! I manage two Hallmark stores and I just went to a Holiday Showroom and saw that we are having an Eclipse Keepsake Ornament of Edward, Bella & Jacob for the 2011 season!!! The ornament will debut (in all Hallmark Gold Crown Stores in the USA) on July 16th at our Ornament Premiere!! I will post a picture of the actual ornament when it arrives in store. 

Updated - 4/18/11: I got a new color photo of the ornament today!

Updated 6/30/11:

If you're interested in ordering
an Eclipse Ornament email me:

Updated 4/26/11

I've had a lot of people asking what last years ornament looked like. In 2010 Hallmark had a Twilight "Edward and Bella" ornament. It sold for $14.95. I know that my store sold out and we helped sell out another store as well. This was the SINGLE most popular ornament we've ever sold. I'm sure you can just imagine. :) We sold 71 of them! I checked with our other stores and there are no more to be found. :(  Sorry I tried!

If you are interested, I've seen this ornament on eBay or you can also check out Hooked on Hallmark Ornaments! :)

Thanks to Elizabeth Kraft for the tip. :)


  1. Very cool! Do you have them all? If so I want to see what I missed... lol =)

  2. Is there a New Moon One? I have the Twilight one that is i think Ed and Bells dancing at prom? they are in each others arms ... but ahvent seen anything from new moon

  3. I would love them all, but can't afford them!

  4. WOW wish i had the money to get one they are amazing! Maybe i can save up! thanks So much for sharing!