Monday, April 25, 2011

Always dreaming and planning...

Recently I've been doing some planning and dreaming up some ideas for my Breaking Dawn Party. I've already chosen a THEME which I'm not ready to announce JUST yet but I have to say I am VERY excited about it. I think it's very fitting for Breaking Dawn and I can't wait to tell you....

Since I already have a theme in mind, I've been doing some shopping to help me come up with some ideas for the decorations, favors, etc. Last week I created the Save the Date for the party and last night I found some glitter hair and body spray which will be perfect to make us all SPARKLE like vampires!

Today I did a little shopping like Alice!. :) I am going to a Royal Wedding Viewing Party on Friday and we're supposed to wear a big hat. Since I do not have a hat naturally I had to go shopping for one. While I was looking for a hat I got distracted and some how ended up in the dress section. I am sooooo glad that I did because I found a dress that had me smiling from ear to ear! I almost died when I saw it.

I found the absolute PERFECT dress to wear to the Breaking Dawn Party! I couldn't believe it. It's absolutely perfect for my theme and everything that I have......oops I'm saying too much. ;) I almost don't want to show it but I am just sooooo excited that I have too. LOL 

Not only did I find the perfect dress but I found TWO! I'm not sure if I'm going to save this for my next Breaking Dawn Party in I'm planning way too far ahead... but it was too cute and perfect not to buy it. Who knows I might wear it for my 30th Birthday in a couple weeks or to the movie premiere in November.

When I saw this dress it totally reminded me of a SEXIER version of Bella's Honeymoon Dress that Alice would pick out for her to wear. 

What do you think? I love it!

I did eventually find a dress and a hat to wear to the Royal Wedding Party on Friday after all my twi-shopping! Of course what I found was also cute and twi-ish since it was black and white. I can't seem to get away from those two great colors.

It was definitely a very successful afternoon of shopping that I think Alice would be proud of. Keep checking back for updates on my plans and details on my Twilight parties.


  1. I love the dresses! I wish I could have been shopping with you.... Great pic's for the party lady!!! =)

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