Friday, April 22, 2011

A Twilight Adventure

I have been waiting to have a weekday off for awhile now so I could go out and do some exploring. I created this little adventure for myself called, "Twilight in Florida". Since I haven't been able to take my dream trip to Forks, Washington yet to visit the real town and all the surrounding places where the books are set and the movies are filmed, I thought it would be fun to find those little places of Twilight in my neck of the woods. Finally I had the day off this week so I could go on my little adventure.

I had a few places in mind already but I was excited to see what others I could find. I loaded up the car with a fully charged camera battery, my list and a few friends. ;) I also had my dog, Dakota, with me because he was going to the groomer while I was exploring. He is soooo Team Jacob. He's my little wolf!

Dakota on the way to the Groomer

The adventure started off right away with a little drama as soon as we left the driveway. Dakota must not have liked the fact that Edward was in the car because he immediately jumped from the front seat to the back seat! He was right on top of Edward and his over grown nails/claws scratched poor Edward. Ahh! I know! Needless to say I was NOT happy to see him damaged. I felt like Edward when he said to Jacob, "If you ever bring her back damaged again, I don't care whose fault it is...." What a way to start the adventure...with a fight scene! LOL

Note the scratches on Edwards chest :(

After dropping Dakota off at the groomer I was in my twi-glory and the adventure continued. I made my first stop and was a little nervous to get out with my friend, Jacob. There was a lot of activity around and school was letting out so there were buses full of kids everywhere. I said 'screw it' and embraced my twi-hood and confidently stood on the street corner with my camera and Jacob. HAHA That sounds funny!

I successfully got my picture with Jacob at Taylor (Lautner) Lane. I was so excited and couldn't wait to capture all the little places of Twilight around me. Next stop, Bella Court.

Bella Court is this little road next to Walmart that is only one block in length. Taylor Lane was easier because it isn't a very active street so I could easily get out with Jacob for the picture. As soon as I turned down Bella Court, "Chief Swan" was on the side of the road. Ahh! I said abort mission and come back later.

As I made my way to the next stop, I drove around the back roads to see if there was anything to discover. It didn't take long at all to find several streets that I didn't know existed or had never noticed before and made the connection. 

I can't tell you how excited I was each time that I found one. I would squeal and pull immediately...well safely... pull over to the side of the road and hop out for a picture of two. I won't spoil all the little treasure that I found so you can have fun looking at the pictures on my Twilighters Dream page.

Dakota after the Groomer :)

The adventure was a HUGE success and I had a LOT of fun. It was even great to have some "friends" along for the ride.

Unfortunately I will have to get a new Edward before the Breaking Dawn Party as he was injured while out on location. LOL I guess Dakota did a good number on him not only with the scratches but he must have "worn" him down. While I was taking pictures at one stop he broke in half. I know! It was horrible! But it's also kind of funny thinking about it now because it adds to my adventure.

Edward can now easily sit down. He's not so stiff! lol

Hop on over to my facebook page to check out all the great places I found. Don't forget to follow along with me as I continue on my quest to find "Twilight in Florida!"


  1. I love how you are finding all those street signs. I feel bad Edward lost his battle with little D... lol ;(
    Keep the adventures coming!!!

  2. I love your adventures .. .and i went on my own ... i took a road trip adn ended up driving 34.8 miles shy of 1,000 .... had a blast found some really great palces and made tons of memorties