Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dreaming up a Party

So what’s a Twilighter to do when she feels like Vampin’ it up??? She hosts a TWILGHT PARTY!!!

As soon as I thought of hosting a party, I went online and started looking for ideas. I found several websites where others had posted what that they had done. I used some of their ideas and expanded on of them but also created and dreamed up a lot of my own.... that was the fun part!

I wanted to make sure that everything was Twilight related in some way or another. It had to relate to the books, movies, characters or be red & black, which was the theme!  All my friends were asked to dress in costume, wear their favorite Twilight shirt or red & black!

Over the next several blogs I will share with you all my plans and ideas so you can dream up and host your own Twilight Party. I will give you details on the menu and also include recipes on how to make everything. I will share with you ideas for decorations as well as fun games and prizes to give away.  Lastly I will share what I did for party favors so you send your friends home with something fun to keep the party going. 

Follow along because the fun is just beginning....

First Blog - What to wear, what to wear... 

Second Blog - Twilight Party Menu

Third Blog - Twilight Party Decorations

Fourth Blog - Twilight Party: Bella Cake and Flowers

Watch the video from the party:


  1. Yay! I am totally following you! Can't see what you dreamed up! :0)

  2. I love your twilight party pictures. I had 2 eclipse parties last year and will hopefully have a BD one in November. I wanted to share my party pics with you.
    I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed yours.

    I also see you just turned 30, I did too in march. I was also a hallmark manager yrs ago. Worked there for 6 yrs. I thought it was pretty cool how much we have in common :)