Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gaga Troll Face

Hilly and Hannah Hindi sisters from the very popular The Hillywood Show took to USTREAM today in a LIVE chat. They are famous for their parodies and known amongst Twilighters for their Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Parodies. All of their parodies are awesome and these girls are hilarious and seriously rock!!!

I was lucky to meet them last year and get their autograph in La Push, WA when I went on my Dream Trip to Forks with Our Twilight Corner for Stephanie Meyer Day. I hope to see them again this year in September. Only 72 days to go until SMD 2012!!

During the chat today Hilly showed her great personality and made us laugh....well I know I did...when she made her Gaga Troll Face!!! She was hoping someone would make a gif out of it. You all know how I like a challenge so I made this for her. Hilly, this gif's for you!!!!

Be sure to check out Hilly and Hannah's awesome parodies! The Hillywood Show rocks!!! Keep up the great work ladies!! Love them all! :)

If you are on Twitter let's get #GagaTrollFace trending!! Follow me @lmhadley

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