Wednesday, June 27, 2012

*EXCLUSIVE* First Look at Hallmark Breaking Dawn Ornament

Early this morning I gave you a sneak peek at the Twilight Ornament that Hallmark will be offering this year. I have to say that it was definitely more of a teaser than a sneak peek. Although seeing the picture of the box probably got you just as excited as I was when the ornaments arrived yesterday. :)

The ornaments arrive at the end of June/beginning of July in preparation for our Ornament Premiere which is always the second weekend in July. For the last three years in a row, which is the number of years that Hallmark has offered a Twilight Ornament, I have been on the look out for the FedEx delivery guy!! I was super excited when I looked out the store window and saw him with a cart full of boxes with green tape!! YAY!!!! They are here I shouted. LOL

I always try to contain my excitement which is hard because Ornament Premiere is one of my favorite events that Hallmark has. Add a Twilight Ornament on top of that and you have one very excited Twilighter!!! After he unloaded the 40+ boxes the hunt for the twi-treasure began!!

Once we opened and checked in several of the boxes, I finally found it!! I was completely excited and couldn't wait to open the box to see it. I was seriously hoping that the ornament looked better than last years because there were a lot of issues with the paint, etc. Personally it was not my favorite one they have made but I bought it anyway because it was Twilight and Hallmark. :)

2011 Hallmark "Bella, Edward & Jacob" Keepsake Oranment

I was really looking forward to this years because the detail even in the picture in the Dreambook looked promising. You could see the buttons on the back and on the sleeves on Bella's Wedding Dress even in this tiny picture. 

Picture from the Dreambook

Once I had the box in my hand, I held my breath...... EEK!! What would it look like...... I gasped as I opened it and smiled!!! :) IT LOOKS GREAT!!!!! YAY!!!! FINALLY we have a great looking Twilight Ornament!!!!

I think the ornament looks exactly like the picture in the Dreambook and is as detailed as I was hoping it would be. Even in it's tiny form (4 inches high) you can see the detail the artist put into it's creation.

When you look at Bella's Wedding Dress you can see the individual buttons on the sleeve and also down the back of the dress. Ohhh the back of the dress!!! I love it!! You can see the detail in the lace and even in her hair clip. The front of the dress is also defines with the triangular sections on the side. :)

Edward also looks great! The detail in his tux shows every line, button and crease. The bow-tie, handkerchief and boutineer are also very well defined.

If you were wishing that Edward and Bella looked more like Rob and Kristen, I am sorry to say that they do not but then again they are not meant too.

I am very please with the craftsmanship of this year ornament. I will definitely be buying one, two, three....oh who know's how many!! HAHA You all know how I love to do giveaways...maybe you will be seeing one of them in July. <wink wink>

If you are interested in adding your own "Edward and Bella's Wedding" Keepsake Ornament to your Twilight Collection visit your local Gold Crown store in July. 

The ornament will be available for purchase beginning Saturday, July 14th during Hallmark's Ornament Premiere. The retail price of the ornament is $17.95. Be sure to get their early because quantities are limited and I know this will be very popular.

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  1. Thanks for posting all the pictures! Just out of curiosity, what didn't you like about last year's?

    1. You're welcome. I did buy last years but I wasn't crazy about the paint job. Bella also looked kinda freaky. Edward also didn't look that's great. Their noses were also too pointy.

  2. Very cool! Thank you for sharing! This looks interesting. I do like my Twilight first year ornament.

    @snoopy7729 The painting/details on last year's was awful. :(

  3. snoopy7729@aol.comJune 29, 2012 at 8:00 PM

    Question for you guys--you probably already discussed this before, but I noticed the first one was Twilight, then last year's was Eclipse. Anyone know why they skipped New Moon??

    1. Here's a closer look at last years and you can see what I'm talking about.

      As for why Hallmark didn't make a New Moon ornament, I am not sure. I always thought they kinda combined New Moon and Eclipse. The ornament looks like the New Moon movie poster as in the pose/positioning of them on the ornament and it was also available for purchase right after Eclipse came out in theaters so they printed Eclipse on the box. That's my theory anyway. :)

  4. Thank you for the detailed photos. I'm glad to see the amazing detail on this ornament. I can't wait for the ornament premiere!

  5. This should have been for last year and the 2010 one should have been for Eclipse. Someone dropped the ball here.