Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Twilighters Dream Thirty-One Party

It's time!! It's time!! Time to PARTY!!

I am hosting my first official ONLINE PARTY and YOU ALL ARE INVITED!

I absolutely LOVE PURSES and some of my favorites that I have are Vera Bradley. Recently I became familiar with Thirty-One when a friend of mine became a consultant.

I have never hosted a purse, jewelry, candle, tupperware or any other kind of party before but when I saw one of the patterns they make.... I fell in love!!! I instantly knew that I had to order one or two and all of the matching accessories. 

The pattern is called "Black Parisian Pop" and as you can see it is SOOOOOOO ME and very TWI!!! Love it!!

I thought to myself if I was going to host a party who would I invite? Who would like this pattern (or others) as much as I do? The answer was easy... EVERYONE! LOL Especially Twilighters!!

Since this is an ONLINE PARTY I thought I would make this more fun and interesting. You all know how I love GIVEAWAYS right?! 

Well I am having a giveaway
for all those who join in the party!!!

Everyone who places an order online during the "Twilighters Dream 31 Party" will be entered into the giveaway. There is NO minimum purchase amount required to be entered.

At the end of the party my friend, who is the consultant, will provide me with the list of names of those who made a purchase. I will assign each of you with a number and one winner will be chosen in a drawing for a prize from me!

What is the prize?! EEK!!
I am so excited to tell you!!! 

One lucky winner will receive a PERSONALIZED "Black Parisian Pop" in THEIR CHOICE of either a Mini Zipper Pouch OR a Thermal Tote.

But that's not all!!! 

The winner will also receive a
2012 Hallmark Breaking Dawn Keepsake Ornament!!!


Now for the details of the party!!! 

The "Twilighters Dream 31 Party" will be open online from Saturday, July 14th until Sunday, July 29th!! This gives you all plenty of time to browse the catalog, decide what you like and place your order!!

Click to Browse the Catalog
There are also specials for the month of July that you can take advantage of while ordering.

If you spend $31, you can order your choice of any Zipper Pouch, Cinch-It Up Thermal Tote, Thermal Tote, Littles Carry-All Caddy or Mini Zipper Pouch for only $5.00!! 

Personalization is also only $5 for the month of July!

To place an order all you have to do is
visit my consultant, Hannah's, webpage. 

Click on "My Parties". 

Then Click on "SHOP NOW" next to my name and Twilighters Dream 31 Party.  You can order anything from the catalog and it ships directly to you!!

Remember we will be "partying" for two week (7/14 - 7/29) so you have plenty of time to look and order. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me at

Thank you in advance to everyone who joins in the party. I can't wait to order my new purse and accessories!!! 

Have fun shopping and don't forget about the GIVEAWAY!! Everyone who orders is entered into the drawing for this awesome prize pack!

The party doesn't officially start until Saturday but the link is up and open so you can browse and shop early!!! Yay! 

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