Friday, July 27, 2012

Stephenie Meyer Day Twilight Poster

OME!!!! When did this get posted?!?! I totally missed it!!! AHH!!! Look at The Cullen's Twilight Poster that the Cast for Stephenie Meyer Day made!! Totally awesome!!!!! They had a photo shoot in Florida back in May!!! Now I know what they were up too!!! It looks fangtastic!!!! I can't wait to go back to Forks in September!!!

Stephenie Meyer Day Cast

Twilight Movie Poster

I am going to Forks with my girls from Our Twilight Corner!!! They seriously are a fun bunch of ladies!! The most EPIC time I've ever had was last year when I went on my Dream Trip! I would love to make a similar fun and twi video with them this year like this one!!!! :) hehe The options are endless!!

 Only 49 days!!! :)

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