Friday, September 16, 2011

Postcard from Edward

While we were in Forks for Stephenie Meyer Day Savanna from Our Twilight Corner had the Edward Look A Like fill out a postcard for me.

She mailed it from Forks and wouldn't let me see it. It was a secret! I kept asking her what it said but she wouldn't give in. hehe

Well it arrived in the mail today. Yay!! How awesome to receive a postcard from Edward Cullen in Forks, WA. HAHA 

I LOVE IT! Thank you Savanna. YOU ROCK!

Also thank you to Edward "Alan Mitchell" for being a good sport and writing me the postcard. 
This is a great souvenir from my dream trip!

You can check out all the picture on my
Twilighters Dream Facebook Page.


  1. Too cute!!!!! Savanna looked so cute next to Edward.. lol

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