Thursday, September 8, 2011

Greetings from 10,000 miles

Well the trip has started! Yay! I am on my way to the Pacific Northwest!

I got up this morning and finished packing my bags. It's funny how many bags I am bringing with me. I checked a full size suitcase plus I have a carry-on and my backpack. All of which are full! The suitcase luckily was under 50 lbs so I didn't have to pay anything extra. HAHA When my husband dropped me off at the airport he asked me what are you bringing with you! Well I got all kinds of goodies! Most of which are a secret yet to be revealed.

Remember I was going to have a Breaking Dawn Party on August 13th... well it has been moved to Forks. My checked bag is basically my party kit! LMAO It's full with all sorts of fun stuff as well as clothes and all the essentials for vacation. I needed to bring a big bag so I would have plenty of room for souvenirs to bring home and I couldn't take an empty bag with me so it's full of fun.

I am so excited and I can hardly believe that I am currently (as I type) on the plane. I've never been on a flight that offers In Flight Wi-fi but this flight does so you know I had to buy the 24 hour pass. It was only $9.95! How could I not. This is the best way to pass my 6 hour flight. Blogging and checking with you Twilighters.

I was able to check email, log on Facebook, text chat with Angie from Pure Twilight

and even in Flight Skyped with Cami from The TwiHard Diet! 

WOW! This is looking to be an EPIC trip! It's already so awesome and I'm still on the plane!!

More later... just wanted to say hi! Need to conserve battery life!! :)

See you see Lynn, Savanna, Olivia and Anna!!! Can't wait to meet you!

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