Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gift from My Secret Twi-Sister

I have the best Secret Twi-Sister EVER! I am so happy that I decided to take part in The TwiHard Diet's Secret Twilight Sister exchange. I have been receiving some pretty cool stuff from her in the mail as well as edits posted on The TwiHard Diet page.

Most recently she sent me a package and it was given to me in Forks. HOW she got it there I have no idea. She's very sneaky and good like that. LOL I love the teaser that she sent saying something would be waiting for me.... ROB? hehe ;)

I just posted some pictures of the awesome gift she sent me on my FB page. Check it out! I LOVE IT!

Thank you very much for my Forks gift and all the other gifts you have sent. You are very sweet and thoughtful. I can't wait until November when I can find out who you are. :) The guessing is biting at me... until then I will just enjoy the surprises that keep coming! 

I am really enjoying my TwiLight you sent from Miss Lissa's TwiLights. I love it! Thanks again! <3

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