Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Forks, La Push & Port Angeles Dream Trip Pictures

I just finished uploading more pictures from my Dream Trip to Forks. Yay! I love looking at them. It brings back all the wonderful memories from the EPIC trip that we had.

These pictures include Bella's Birthday Party in Forks on Sunday as well as another trip to La Push! We visited both Rialto and First Beach. These beaches are so unbelievably gorgeous and different from Florida. We have sand and palm trees on our beaches and they have sand, rocks and driftwood surrounded by forests. I love both beaches but the ones in the Northwest are absolutely breathtaking to visit.

Bella's Birthday Cake for Stephenie Meyer Day 2011

Lisa (Twilighters Dream) and Savanna (Our Twilight Corner) at Rialto Beach

There are also pictures from our self guided book tour in Forks. We visited Bella's house, the Forks Hospital, Police Station and the Cullen House. We were careful not to get any paper cuts although if we had maybe we could have gone inside the hospital. Wonder if Carlisle was working? I didn't see his car there. LOL However I did see Charlie's police cruiser and couldn't resist arrest. hehe

Lisa (Twilighters Dream) getting "arrested" in Forks LOL

The next day we checked out of the Forks Motel and headed to Port Angeles. We stopped by Lake Crescent for sunrise on the way. It was another absolutely gorgeous site to see. Once we arrive in Port Angeles we went on our own self guided book tour. We visited the book store, dress shop, movie theater and restaurant where Edward and Bella had their first date. Oh don't forget the alley and parking lot where Edward saves Bella!

Lisa (Twilighters Dream) in Port Angeles by the Ferry to Victoria

It was so cool that even though they didn't film the Twilight movie here there a real places in Port Angeles that match the descriptions in the book perfectly. It's awesome!! We had such a great time!

Once we returned back to Oregon from Forks, La Push and Port Angeles I got to FINALLY see in person OUR TWILIGHT CORNER! Yay!! This was one of my many favorite moments from the trip!

I'm in Our Twilight Corner

Check out all the pictures on my Twilighters Dream Facebook Page. Be sure to follow along because there is still a lot more to come.

The Twilight Movie Tour & Filming Locations!! 
Yay! These are my favorite. :)

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