Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Forks in 1 Day

AHHHHH!! This might be the most exciting post I have blogged about. Only 1 more day til Forks!! Yes you heard me right...only 1 more day!! OME!! I can't believe it!! This truly is a Twilighters Dream Come True!!

WOW!!! To think that I will be checking in for my flight at 2pm EST today is crazy...what??? I am going on a trip? I am going to FORKS!!! Get out of here!! That's crazy!!! HAHA BUT it's true!! I cannot wait!! I am finally going to meet the ladies from Our Twilight Corner, Twili-fye and Pure Twilight!!! I can't wait to meet them!! AND I CANNOT WAIT TO MEET YOU!!

If you are going to Forks this weekend for Stephenie Meyer Day 2011 be sure to check out our Forks Challenge!!!!!! SEE YOU SOON!! EEEKKK!! ;)

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