Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Secret Twilight Sister Revealed

Well the mystery has been revealed! 

A few weeks ago I received my Secret Twilight Sister's Reveal package in the mail! Yay! I have to say that I am SOOOO HAPPY to FINALLY know who she is. The suspense has been killing me for MONTHS.

For the record I have to say that SHE GOT ME GOOD! I had my own ideas based on the clues but then her final clue threw me for a loop. I was SURE I knew who it was. When the box arrived I discovered that I am NO ALICE and was totally WRONG!! HAHA 

My Secret Twilight Sister is
Candice Simpson aka Alice
YAY!!!!!!! HOW EXCITING!!!! :)

In true STS fashion she sent me yet again another AWESOME gift. This one was extra special because it was the big reveal and it was filled with all kinds of goodies. 

Candice sent me trinket box that her boys made! So sweet! It even had my name on it. Inside the box was three bracelets that are also homemade and a Cancer Bites but WE BITE BACK key chain made by Sandra Bertam at Chaotic Crafts.

There was also a vial of Isle Esme Sand with candles, an I love Vampire magnetic notepad and a jar of Candice's Creamy Cocoa which I am totally looking forward to a cool night so I can sit on the lanai with my Edward blanket and have a cup. This is one of my favorite things to do! :)

Candice also made a photo album for me. She printed and filled it with Twilight pictures and some of the edits that she had made me throughout this adventure.

One of my favorites that she included was the picture from when I met Jackson Rathbone aka Jasper at the 100 Monkeys Concert in Tampa, Florida. Yay!! AWESOME! That night was truly a Twilighters Dream Come True so thank you for including that wonderful memory! :)

Candice also made me an ornament which is perfect and will look great on my Isle Esme Christmas Palm Tree this year! The ornament is white and she painted black dots and wrote "Forever is Only the Beginning" and my husband and I's name and wedding date on it. I LOVE IT!!! I already put it on my Twi-Palm Tree.

The last item in the box was also another one of my favorites. She made me a pillow with my FAVORITE black and white scroll pattern on it!!!! I LOVE IT!!! Can't you tell it's my's the background of my blog!! Yay!! 

I just want to say thank you so much for everything Candice!! You have been THE BEST SECRET TWILIGHT SISTER EVER!!! All of your gifts were so thoughtful and you totally went above and beyond my wildest dreams of what I expected from this STS experience. I am so lucky that you had me. I can't thank you enough. You made me feel very special. I hope that in the future someone else has just as great experience as I did with an STS exchange. 


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  1. Wow! So sweet and thoughtful!!! I loved reading about your Secret Twi-Sister Adventures! :0) Yay Candice for being an amazing Twi-Sister! :0) Jamie