Friday, December 30, 2011

*Dream Trip* Twilight Filming Location Adventure

This past September I went on
my DREAM TRIP to Forks!!!

I went on a ONE WEEK adventure with the super awesome ladies from Our Twilight Corner. I arrived in Portland on the evening of Thursday, September 8th and we set off to Forks, WA for the weekend to celebrate Stephenie Meyer Day! 

In the real town of Forks, Stephenie Meyer Day is a fun celebration where the town honors Stephenie and Twilight on Bella's Birthday which is September 13th. They plan a weekend full of fun activities for Twilighter's young, old and from EVERYWHERE! You can read about our adventures and see pictures here.

After returning back to Lynn's house from an awesome weekend of twi-fun in Forks, La Push and Port Angeles the EPICness was faaaaaaaaar from over. One might say and yes I DO say the FUN was just getting started!

We returned to Oregon on Monday and my flight back home to Florida wasn't until Thursday so we had TWO FULL DAYS! What would we do? How would we pass the time? How could things get more EPIC? I'll tell you how.... we went to the ACTUAL filming locations from the movie Twilight! AHHH!!!!!

This experience was the highlight of my trip. Yes, the highlight and even more exciting than visiting the real Forks, WA. Don't get me wrong I had an absolute blast in Forks and La Push but the filming locations were just SPECIAL! The reason they were so special is because these are the real places where Rob, Kristen, Taylor and the entire cast filmed the movie that we all love so much.

I got to see and experience the magic of Twilight that I've seen on the big screen so many time before. I got to see Bella's house, the Cullen house, eat at the diner, walk on "First Beach", say it out loud, fall in love with the lion and the lamb, reveal myself in the sunlight and sooooo much more!

If you EVER get the chance to visit the Northwest, I HIGHLY recommend visiting Forks, WA and staying a few extra days and visit all the film locations in OREGON! I only had two days so we went adventuring from sun up to sun down to fit as many locations in as we could. I can't wait to go back and spend more time at some of my favorites like the boulders and Oxbow Park. These two were truly magical, absolutely gorgeous and it was so surreal being there. I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures that I have posted. :)

If you'd like information about where these locations
can be found check out my blog
Twilight Movie Filming Location Information.

Be sure to check out all my pictures from
My Dream Trip to Forks and the Northwest.

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  1. We did a Twilight vacation last March and it was one of the most amazing trips I have ever been on!