Friday, December 30, 2011

My Dream Trip to Forks and the Northwest

In September 2011, I traveled across country to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My sights were set on Oregon and Washington to meet my Twi-BFF Lynn from Our Twilight Corner for the very first time and to travel to Forks for Stephenie Meyer Day.

I was excited to see mountains, lush rain forest and just have a blast and go twi-crazy with Lynn, her daughter Savanna and Olivia also from Our Twilight Corner

However this trip far exceeded my expectations and I truly had the most fun I've ever had!!! It was a dream come true and went beyond the definition of the word EPIC which we "coined" as our term of the entire trip. It truly was EPIC!

Here are ALL the albums including the thousands of pictures that we took during our week long Twi-Adventure. I hope you have fun looking through them just as much as we had being there, taking them and experiencing Twilight in the most sparkliest person! Enjoy! :)

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  1. HI my name is ashley and I will be going back to forks in 4 weeks ( for the second time, and portland for the first time : ) do you mind giving me your email address so I can ask fro some driving guidance??? thank you!!!