Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Twi-Palm

O' Christmas Twi-Palm, 
O' Christmas Twi-Palm
How *SPARKLY* are your ornaments! 

This Christmas I decided to do an Isle Esme Christmas Palm Tree instead of a traditional Christmas tree. I've collected ornaments from Hallmark, my Forks trip and various other "twi"-inspired ornaments. 

Here are some pictures of my Christmas Twi-Palm! :) LOVE IT! 

This was the beginning of the tree before it was totally decorated and before I moved it out of the corner.

I found some awesome decorative boxes at the
Dollar Tree to put under the tree.

After decorating the tree I decided to move it to make it
more of a focal point in the living room.

All decorated! :)

There's my 2011 Hallmark Twilight Ornament!

I even hung sparkly letters for Edward, Bella, Jacob & Renesmee.

The stockings were hung by the tree with care in hopes that Charlie would soon be there!

It's complete! :)


Merry Christmas! :)

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