Thursday, January 3, 2013

I got a Renesmee's Locket!!!

I am one VERY HAPPY Twilighter today!!! Look what came in the mail!!! My Renesmee's Locket!!!

I ordered it from NECA on Amazon and was not sure if it would actually arrive because they only showed 7 available. Shortly after I ordered the link was taken down and its no longer searchable. I crossed my fingers the order would arrive and it did! Woohoo!!!

I am so excited to add this piece to my collection. A HUGE thank you to Brenda Thompson for the link!!! You made this possible!!! You rock girl!! Thanks! :)

For those still looking for the locket the prices on eBay have come down and keep checking Amazon. NECA listed it once. Maybe they will do it again. Also maybe they will still remake the locket and re-release!! I'm still hoping so you all can get one.

Great start to the new year for me!!! :)

Update - I found the original link where I ordered the locket. I HOPE this works and it still an active link!! Please let me know if you are able to order one!!


  1. Hey, Lisa, etsy also carries handmade versions of it. They might not look exactly like this one, but some of them are pretty close.

  2. Lisa - Glad to hear you got the Renesmee locket! I will have to try the link to see if I can order one for myself!

  3. I found this link on "The Gilded Lily" and it's the locket for 24.95. It says that it's in stock...