Monday, January 14, 2013

Breaking Dawn Part 2 DVD


Now that it is confirmed that Breaking Dawn Part 2 will be available on DVD March 2, 2013 we can start making our lists!! Lists? Yes! There are so many different copies available and each of them comes with something different. Here is what I am putting on my list and where I am buying it since prices are different!! :)

I am ordering the Two Disc Movie Set which includes Breaking Dawn Part 1 Extended Edition and Breaking Dawn Part 2 from The regular DVD is $22.96 and the Blu-Ray is $24.96.

I am also ordering the Target Exclusive Breaking Dawn Part 2 Two Disc Blu-Ray DVD. The DVD features 52 minutes of content that you can only get a Target!!! This version is $29.99.

When you pre-order online you will receive a FREE 30"x40" POSTER!!! And I am super excited about this poster. It features Edward and Bella in the MEADOW!! LOVE IT!!! 

The last DVD that I will be pre-ordering is the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Blu-Ray Extended Edition. Even though I already have a copy and the Two Movie Set comes with the Extended Edition. I just have to have it!! It comes in a pretty case that features the wedding flowers on it. Super cool!!! 

Amazon has this edition the cheapest for Blu-Ray only $19.99. Walmart is selling it for $22.96. Non-Blu Ray at Amazon is $15.99 and Walmart $14.96.

So which one, two or three DVD's are you ordering?!

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