Saturday, January 19, 2013

Arm Wrestling Emmett Cullen

Most of you know that I attend the annual Stephenie Meyer Day events in Forks, WA. This past year I had the opportunity to Arm Wrestle their very own Emmett Cullen!!!

Leading up to the match which was in September, I trained so I would be ready to take him down. And oh yes, I was serious about it!!!

FINALLY the day had come when we would face off and I was more than ready!! Everyone was there cheering me on especially my best friends from Our Twilight Corner who provided a SWEET distraction to throw him off his game. The distraction worked and he lost focus..and might I add what a great distraction it was. ;) 

While he was laughing I went in for the kill but during a brief moment of adjusting he slammed my arm down. It appeared that he had won but I say he did not. LOL

I would love to review the footage from another angle because it was so close and his arm may have touched the table before I adjusted. However there are no clear views because my hair was in the way. Dang! I should have worn it up. HAHA

Anyway I knew I could beat him so I wanted a rematch and I got it!! This time I did win!! WOOHOO!!! #EPIC

I always have a blast in Forks!! If you ever get the chance to go I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do! I think the best time to go is in September when the town celebrates Bella's Birthday during Stephenie Meyer Day. Trust me you won't regret it. 

If you do go be sure to look for me because you know I will be there keepin the sparkle alive!! :)

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