Thursday, June 14, 2012

Weekend Surprise

Last weekend my hubby surprised me with an overnight trip to Sarasota spontaneously when I got home from work. We spent one night at a hotel on our favorite beach and went to a see a play at a playhouse in Downtown Sarasota. It was the perfect getaway and nice to relax even if it was just for one night. :)

As if I couldn't love him any more than I already do he did the sweetest thing. As we were driving home I spotted a twi-street! You all know how I LOVE finding these Twilight treasures...well I squealed and he asked, "Do you wanna go back and get a picture?" I, of course wanted to but didn't actually want to say, "Yes, please!" I usually do my twi-crazy things like that alone or with a friend. LOL Like I did last month when my Twi-BFF Lynn from Our Twilight Corner came down to visit me. WE WENT TWI-CRAZY FOR SURE!! haha That's a whoooollllleeee other story for another time.

So I just said say to him, "No, it's okay. I saw it. I don't need to get a picture." He knows me all to well and knew that I would be thinking about it and would remember it so the next time we came up I would be dying to get a picture of it. Sooooo he turned the car around and went back!!!! <3 

Not only did he take me away at the spurt of the moment...just because...went to a play, stayed on the beach...he took my picture at TWILIGHT PLACE which ironically was a dead end! LOL SUPER SWEET!!! 

We also passed an Edwards Drive and got a pic! LOL
Thanks Babe! You're the best! :)

Be sure to check out the Twilight in Florida album on Facebook to see the other Twilight treasures I've found in my neck of the woods.

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